5 Ways to Help You Stay Up With Technology

There was a time when technology advanced slowly so that it was easy to keep up with new developments each year. The current market now sees new products and services appearing every week. There are also frequent changes to existing technologies that affect thousands or millions. It takes some effort to stay ahead of the […]

Yola Free vs Yola Silver

So you are tired of paying the high price of a professional website designer and have made the decision to build your own. Now you just need to decide which website builder and plan is right for you? Yola is a great website builder. There are several package options to choose from. Yola offers a […]

Your Small Business: Six Things You Might Be Missing

Some people will only dream of operating their own business, while others strive to make their dreams a reality. From developing the right business idea to researching how a new business is started, there is a wide diversity of things that must be done if a business is going to be successful. Fortunately, there is […]

Homestead Promotion Code

Save 10% on Homestead website builder service with this Homestead promotion code. These coupons are single use and valid until 7/30/2010.  Please let us know when you use one of these coupon codes so that I can remove it. Homestead savings code is good for any website building service. Save 10% off Homestead service through […]

Paid vs Free Website Builders

When considering a service, the issue of cost is always at the forefront.  When it comes to building a website, some may wonder if it’s even worth it to consider paid website builders when there are so many out there offering free services.  There’s no right or wrong answer, but before you decide whether to […]

5 Tips for Making a Beautiful and Effective Facebook Profile for Your Business

As a social media network connecting billions of users, Facebook can be a great tool for promoting your business. But to attract a large audience, your Facebook profile needs impressive design to attract and build “likes.” Here are five tips for starting and improving your Facebook presence for your company.   1. Take Advantage of […]

Is a Hosted Website Builder the Best Solution

Using a hosted website builder has become the preference of many webmasters, however there are a number of people who still prefer to create their websites on their own computer and then upload it to their hosting service.  If you are looking into website builders for the first time or are simply looking for something […]

Methods of Protecting Your Website from Hackers

Your website is no doubt very important to you and to the well being of your business so you need to be sure that your website always stays safe from hackers. If hackers can gain access to your website then they can essentially take it over and cause you all sorts of damages. Luckily there […]

Yola Silver for Website Creation and Management

Every business needs a great website. With Yola Silver, you can create and manage your own website and make it look just like a professional built it. Remember, most times your website is the first introduction to your business that your potential clients have. You want it to be as eye catching and professional as […]

Website Creation Options

For many people, the idea of creating a website seems rather daunting.  The barriers to creating a website have been greatly removed by the many website services available.  A person no longer must be an expert in HTML or graphic design.  If you are searching for options to create your website, there are plenty. Register […]

Making Your Website Mobile Phone Friendly

With such an incredible increase of mobile phone ownership, an estimated 2 billion users worldwide, many companies are starting to get on board with mobile marketing. We are using our mobile phones to not only communicate, but to check our email, locate restaurants, search for information online, and pretty much for everything we have been […]

5 Reasons Your Company Should be Using .Net Framework

The .Net framework has become one of the main development tools for both small businesses and large enterprise applications. The framework provides developers with many advantages. The compiled applications also present several benefits for the companies using the finished software. There are five reasons why companies of all sizes should be using .Net applications.   […]

Why the Intuit Web Builder Is So Popular

The Intuit Web Builder consistently proves to be one of the most popular options available.  At a glance, it appears to be fairly similar to many of the other options available.  This raises the question for some people as to why the Intuit Web Builder is so popular when there are so many other options […]

Selecting the Right Online Marketing Strategies

When you are starting a business there are so many different aspects of your operations that you must worry about. You must accumulate enough funds, apply for financing, perfect your product, and generate a steady flow of income. While each aspect is important in its own way, learning how to build your brand is extremely […]

5 Online Marketing Strategies Your Website Might Have Missed

Marketing your own website can be difficult, but it’s one of the most effective ways to increase your revenue stream and increase business. You may have already done your search engine optimization and started up your pay-per-click ad campaign, but there’s still a lot more that can be done. There are a lot of creative […]

Easy Web Building Services

There are a growing number of easy web building services available online, so deciding which one is best has become a little more difficult.  This is because every web builder is designed a little differently.  Plus, just because you want an easy web builder, doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t need the ability to more […]

4 Ways to Make Your Online Business More Productive

When running an online business, many entrepreneurs struggle to remain productive throughout the day and week. Sadly, this problem plagues many small business owners who end up losing out on new business. Fortunately, with these four tips, one can make their online business more productive. Internet Service Providers Often, a busy CEO will choose poor […]

How to get your Website Listed on Google

Google is a powerhouse when it comes to search engines.  Businesses should make it part of their mandatory marketing practice to insure the business is listed and the search ranking is as high as possible.  For business managers who are new to the internet, the terms and processes to set up a listing on Google […]

How to Make a Website Yourself

Hiring someone to make your website can be expensive. Nowadays, many people are making their own websites. Before you start building, it is important to know what type of site you want to make. For example, if you are an artist looking to display your work, the format of your site will be quite different […]

Ways To Help Your Business Grow Its Sales

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. If you want your company to succeed, you need to find a way to increase your revenue. Obviously, though, this can be a challenge. The business world can be tremendously competitive, and finding new customers isn’t easy. If you’re creative and focused, you will be able to increase […]

Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Look More Professional

If you’re an avid blogger, then you probably know that in many ways you have to run your blog like a business. Your website essentially presents your image to readers, and if it doesn’t look professional, readers aren’t going to take you quite as seriously as a blogger. Of course, many of us aren’t coders, […]

Website Promotions That Work for Your Small Business

Taking the step to build a website is a big and important step for your business, but what many may not know about is website promotion.  Even if you create a great website, no one will be able to find it unless you promote it.  Here are some tips to help drive traffic to your […]

The Importance of Measuring Site Traffic

There has been a lot of debate over the importance of measuring site traffic.  This is because some people think that tracking the overall level of traffic will detract from more important issues like conversion rates and social metrics.  While it’s true that you can’t entirely focus on the traffic to your site, it can […]

Making a Website With Yola Silver

We all want our websites to stand out. After all, it is sometimes the first introduction to your business for potential clients or customers. You need it to look professional. If you don’t have the money to pay a professional website designer, Yola Silver is a perfect answer. A yearly subscription for $99.95 for Yola […]

Getting Your Resume Online With a Resume Website Builder

Having an online resume is no longer something that will set you apart from the crowd because everyone seems to have one.  This makes getting your resume online with the resume website builder more important than ever before.  In some circles these types of tools are referred to as portfolio website builders.  Here’s a quick […]

Make Your Website Work for You: Four Tips

It may surprise many how much a poorly designed website can cost their business. Too many people pay a developer to create a website without actually planning what the site should accomplish, or how it should accomplish their business’ goals. Here are four ways to make sure your website works to boost your business. It’s […]

5 Companies With Surprisingly Awesome Apps

Apps are an extremely powerful method of advertising, gleaning demographic data, and building relationships with customers and potential customers. These are five companies that got app development right despite their reputation of being not exactly cutting-edge!     Walgreens   The official Walgreens mobile app demonstrates that the company understands the large contingent of Walgreens […]

How To Make A Free Business Website

More small businesses, home-based businesses, and internet entrepreneurs are seen the need for a business website than ever before. As a result, you might be wondering how to make a free business website for yourself. While it is possible to create a website without paying anything, there are some limitations to keep in mind. Here’s […]

Why You Need A Restaurant Website Builder

The restaurant industry is one that has a high failure rate. In fact, it is one of the most difficult industries to crack because there are so many rival eateries no matter where you set up. If you are a new restaurant, bear in mind that you will have competitors who have been in business […]

4 Tips for Maximizing Productivity in the Workplace

Managing your employees is a job in and of itself. At first glance, it seems easy to put a price on each member of your workforce and what they contribute to your company. After all, shouldn’t it be equivalent to their salary? But the truth is that the true contribution of most employees isn’t just […]

All About Making A Website

Most businesses now realize that the best way to increase sales and get people to get in contact is to have a website. Most prospective customers will first check out a company’s website before using their services to get contact details and general information about the company, therefore it is important to get the website […]

Web Promotion: Is Mobile Declining or is it Just a Blip?

When it comes to web promotion, the importance of mobile marketing has almost been shoved down our collective throats. It has essentially been decided that if your website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’, it is destined to fail. After all, you will be catering to an audience that is always switched on, ready to interact at any […]

Simple Website Builder Tips for Success

Using a website builder can be fun and easy if you know your way around the application. Regardless of how complex or simple the site builder you are working with can be, you still need to follow these four basic steps to success. These will enable you to create your site successfully and be on […]

The Fastest Way to Make an Online Store

If you have products to sell and you do not have an online store, you are missing the boat. By creating an online store, the worldwide web is now your audience. By creating an internet presence your client base will exploded. I know you’re thinking that you have no idea how to create an online […]

Link Building For The Long Haul: The Importance of Quality SEO Campaigns

When it comes to achieving success online with a website, one of the most important parts of the process is link building. Regardless of how good of a job you do that creating your website, you’re probably going to have to spend some time building links. Since link building can be kind of boring and […]

How to Promote Your Website Via Google Adwords

If you are trying to learn more about how to promote your website via Google Adwords, then you probably already have at least a rudimentary understanding of PPC marketing.  PPC advertising is one of those subjects that you can learn 90% very quickly and spend decades learning the last 10%.  Fortunately, by following a few […]

Web Hosts with Website Builders

You’re standing on the brink of doing something very exciting for yourself, your business, organization or cause – launching a new website! Terrific! Join the global commerce and information wave that keeps on giving. But speaking of giving, you find that you’re tapped out budget-wise and really need to find some good solid leads on […]

Building a Website in Just a Minute

The Internet offers seemingly boundless opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper. A website is seen as the ultimate ticket to wealth for the savvy Web entrepreneur. Advertisements abound for programs and schemes to achieve a high monthly income through websites and online sales. Unfortunately, many of these offers are scams and Ponzi schemes. This […]

5 Sales Ideas That Will Bring in Customers During a Slow Quarter

Every business experiences times when the sale are coming in fast and furious and an occasional slowdown in sales, especially after the holiday shopping season has passed. Instead of watching sales decline at a dramatic rate, be proactive and drive customers to your business by making some changes right away. Use these five strategies to […]

Keeping Yourself Relevant in the Modern Workplace

I think that my 12 year old niece knows more about computer coding than I do. Isn’t that crazy? One of the biggest causes of anxiety of many people in the modern workforce is that they will become irrelevant before the end of their careers, and be unable to retire. These fears of being left […]

How to Construct a Solid Identity for Your Business

The world’s largest and most successful companies have one thing in common for sure—a strong identity. So if you want your own business to be successful, then it’s a good idea to invest a good deal of time and effort in developing and building your business’s identity. Here are some tips to creating a strong […]

Website Builders for Kids

It seems that everyone has a website today even kids are starting to create and manage their own website. Kids are starting to take part of the social networking bug that has hit the nation. Whether they are using it for keeping in touch with friends and family or using it to make a little […]

High Quality Web Directories

Submitting to web directories is an easy and effective way to increase your search engine rankings. However, it is also important to note that web directories are not created equal. There is a few that can significantly to your site’s “authority” in the eyes of the search engines. At the same time, you should recognize […]

List of Free Website Builders

You’re ready to digitize yourself and go viral – in other words, you are on the verge of putting up your own website. Congratulations! But funds are short and so you’re really in need of a great list of free website builders….well, never fear – you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get going! •    […]

5 Tips for Building a Beautiful Personal Website in Under an Hour

                    1. Use A Content Management System   One of the easiest ways to build a website quickly is to use a content management system such as WordPress or Wix to make your website both attractive and easy to manage. A content management system allows you […]

Choosing a Website Builder

You are finally ready to start your very own business. All your hard work and creativity has fused together into one project, yet one thing is missing, generating interest and ultimately customers. How can you solve this problem? The answer is immediate, a website. Building a website can be a daunting task, and yet the […]

When it Might be Time to Rethink Your Online Strategy

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, you need every advantage possible in order to remain viable, and this includes looking at your entire business, not just what you make and what you sell it for. Your online strategy is one place people often put little to no attention, then complain they aren’t generating sales […]

Managing Your Online Image

Kids who have grown up as internet-natives are pros at managing their online image. At first, all the selfies, the social media chatter, and the oversharing might seem silly to us, but the truth is that these kids understand something that we don’t: in a world where 43% of visits to a medical professional start […]

Creating a Website with WordPress

Although WordPress is mainly considered to be a “blogging platform”, it is extensively being used by small and large businesses alike for their website building initiatives. WordPress offers one of the most flexible, cost-effective, and effective website management systems that make it easy for users to manage their content online. WordPress is also an open-source […]

Web Necessities: Five Priorities When Designing your Website

Proper web design is no longer a luxury even for a small business: The modern customer now expects any business that they patronize to look professional on the Internet. Below are five ways in which you can make sure that you are giving the best impression to your customers when they visit your site. 1. […]

4 Ways to Build Your New Restaurant’s Brand

Restaurant competition is fierce, so it’s a challenge to open a restaurant. Following these four marketing strategies will increase revenue and raise brand awareness. Brand Consistency In order to maintain a consistent brand message, restaurant owners must carefully consider all operational details. First, the restaurant’s name must be aligned with how it is visually displayed […]

Mobile Technology Keeps the Job Market Moving

No matter where you are, people around you are captivated by their smartphones and tablets. There is no longer casual conversation among strangers as they wait in line; no observation of what’s happening nearby or acknowledgement of their surroundings as they walk by. In today’s society, it’s all about the data streaming across our screens. […]

How to Make a Website with WordPress

WordPress is known throughout the online community as a powerful blogging platform, but more and more people are starting to realize the power of WordPress when it comes to making a website. WordPress allows anyone with just a very basic understanding of computers to be able to make a website that looks great and functions […]

The Best Website Builders for Photography

Photography is a very visual art form. To be able to appreciate it you must be able to see it. Professional photographers are creating websites to broaden their audiences. Hiring a professional web designer can be extremely costly so many photographers are turning to online website builders for their photography website building needs. There are […]

Getting Your Business Ideas Off the Ground

So you have a killer business idea. This is gonna be the one that blows up and changes the way things are done. That’s great! Every successful business starts with an amazing and imaginative idea. However, where does that idea go from there? The initial concept is only the first step of a long and […]

How to Use Stock Images to Enhance Your Website

Look at any magazine or newspapers and you’ll be greeted with photos, images, and professionally-designed graphics. Some of these are specific but in many cases, it is merely suggestive. Color and text are used to improve reader experience. The benefits of photos are undeniable. For website owners who also want to get the same level […]

Marketing Methods Every Small Business Can Try

Small business owners should be flexible when implementing their marketing strategies, and they should use advertising and promotional materials that are adaptable to the demands of the market. The quick response of small companies can help them out maneuver larger competitors, and small companies can employ several techniques in their marketing campaigns. 1. There are […]

3 Search Engine Marketing Tools Everyone Should Use

There are a lot of different search engine marketing tools on the market.  It seems like every month, another piece of software is being released that is supposed to help you improve your rankings.  With so many options and choose from, it can be difficult to tell which tools will actually help you and which […]

4 Surprising Things That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Having a successful business can be like walking a tightrope. You have to strike the right balance between making a profit and providing great service to your customers. Business owners are not always aware of problems that are preventing them from reaching the level of success to which they aspire. Here are 4 possible things […]

Finding An Easy Website Builder

If you are trying to create your own website, look for an easy website builder online or find a professional who can help you create one.  If you are looking for something inexpensive yet catchy to the eye, there are hundreds of websites that can help give you the right tools to create your own […]

Must-Have Shopping Cart Features

If you are shopping around for shopping cart software, you want to make sure that the software has all of the features that you need. There are so many features that are offered by different software companies. Not all offer the same features, so be sure to do your research. The following are must have […]

New Yola Silver Feature – Mobile Publishing

According to Morgan Stanley’s 2010 “Internet Trends” report, mobile internet usage is ramping up faster than desktop internet use. The report predicts that mobile users will surpass desktop users within the next 4 years. With smart phones and mobile devices becoming increasingly more popular, it’s important for your business that your site is optimized for […]

Designing Your Website Using A Web Page Builder

When looking online at the various websites, one might wonder who creates these professional looking websites.  Maybe you are looking to design a website for your own business and wonder where to hire a graphic designer.  The truth is, you can design the website yourself, without any computer science degree.  A lot of those websites […]

The 4 Worst Mistakes of Beginner Entrepreneurs

Striking out on your own isn’t easy. Slow bureaucracy and hiccups in the process make it even harder. However, every new business is a learning experience, and you can make the most of it when you do your best to be savvy every step of the way. The things you need to know as a […]

Tips for Successful Website Promotion

If you want to attract clients to your site you must provide them with quality information. Websites that are packed with accurate and user accessible information are able to attract and retain site visitors. In addition to having your site filled with great information you should also focus on ensuring that your site will place […]

The Best Website Builders With Flash

Choosing the best website builders with Flash capabilities can be a difficult task.  There are a variety of reasons that can play into your final decision.  For example, many quality website builders that utilize flash are only available through packages, which include hosting.  Just because the website builders great, doesn’t mean the hosting or other […]

Creating The Perfect Website With The Help Of A Website Builder

Having a website is very important to a business.  In this day and age, the web is where most everyone turns to when they need information.  With the right website builder, you can create a website that attracts customers and readers and boosts the traffic you have to your website. Web design takes a lot […]

Android or Apple? 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Fit for You

In the wake of the “smartphone revolution”, one seeking to find the ideal phone plan may be a bit bewildered by the vast array of choices. Android and Apple are the two major players currently dominating the market. Oddly enough, a comparison of basic phone functions (calling, voice mail and texting) will not help much […]

Finding the Right Professional Website Builder for Your New Business

The most important thing to get right when setting up a new online business is your website. A good website needs to be both professional and recognizable in order to properly represent and support your new venture. So what happens if you haven’t got the first clue how to make a website? Do you spend […]

Building a Website the Easy Way

As a business owner, you probably know that having a website is important. However, web design can be expensive and this service is quite simply too much for many startup companies. You may be wondering if there is an easier and more cost effective alternative that will allow you to have a website without spending […]

6 Services Your Brick and Mortar Business Should Have on Speed-Dial

Most businesses have a laundry list of contacts that they think are important to their success, with major clients and vendors at the top. There are however, often overlooked contacts that many businesses rely on for their very survival that often are not thought about until an urgent arises. Here are a few of the […]

Why Use Website Builder Software

Website builder software makes what may sound impossible, possible. Creating a website sounds as though it would be a daunting task and indeed if you were to go about doing so in the traditional sense it really can be. That’s because in the not so olden days, to create a website, you had to know […]

Choosing a Website Builder

Are you in the process of building your website and finding web design companies to be too expensive for your needs? Do you want your website to be launched but do not have time to have your website built through a web design company? Whether you have budget constrictions or time issues in building your […]

How to Get the Most out of your iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is without a doubt the bestselling and most popular smartphone in the world. However, the only way it can live up to such high expectations is for the owner to truly use it to its absolute potential. There are plenty of tips and tricks that can help you accomplish this so that you […]

Cloud or Traditional Network: 5 Ways to Decide Which System is Best for Your Business

Businesses today can choose between a cloud and traditional network. Cloud networks have received a large amount of attention because they use relatively new technology. This does not mean businesses should instantly migrate or choose cloud-based systems. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. There are five things to consider when deciding which system is best […]

5 Tools to Use When Marketing for Your Business

No matter the type of marketing your business needs, there’s dozens of tools on the Internet that can facilitate marketing your business. From social media marketing to link building, no matter how you’re trying to market your business, odds are there’s a tool you can use to do it better. Below you’ll five tools to […]

Great Shopping Cart Software Choices

If you have an online business you know the importance of having high quality shopping cart software. There are many different companies out there that provide this service, so it is important to choose the right one. Since there are too many choices to simply choose a software package at random it is important to […]

Website Builder Software – The Components

Nowadays, it appears that almost everyone is wishing to get their name onto the web in some way or another. Whether they wish to build a website for personal enjoyment or in order to start an online business, the launch of their own website can allow them to communicate to millions of web users across […]

Best Ways to Back Up Your Files

Backing up files is one of the golden rules of the technological age. Examples of irreplaceable files can include pictures from memorable occasions or trips, music libraries, and important work files or personal documents.  Owning a computer without backing up pertinent files can be compared to owning a home without insurance. One hardware malfunction could […]

Choosing Website Builder Software

It is fair to say that having your own website on the internet is one of the most effective and easiest ways in which to communicate with your target audience and ultimately, get your business off the ground. But, what do you do when you have next to no experience in building and designing websites? […]

Four Tricks To Getting Your Business Noticed

In the business world, so much intense competition exists. With the economy in a poor state, people want to be sure that their companies are the ones noticed, not the ones that sink. What are four ways that you can get people to notice your particular business?   Create Anticipation People love the anticipation that […]

Market Your Business with Yelp

Have you ever considered using Yelp to promote your business? This is a great way to introduce new customers to your company and to bring more business in. One of the biggest reasons that advertising on Yelp is so successful is that this site is one known for drawing in people that are looking for […]

What is a Website Builder?

In today’s online world, every business has a website.  For a business to be successful, customers must be able to access information online.  For an idea to be popular, Internet users need to be able to read about it online.  Websites are a very important part of the culture and many people feel the need […]

Payment Options For Your Online Stores – Paypal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout

There are a number of payment options for your online stores.  If you are already accepting payments through an off line business, then this may not be quite as big of an issue because you already have a payment processor that can be used online.  Most people tend to look for some type of 3rd […]

Real Websites Made with Wix

Making websites with Wix is very easy even for those who are not technology savvy. Because the Wix website builder is so easy to use even those who have never done this type of stuff before find it both easy and fun. With the interactive drag and drop, the user is not only engaged but […]

The Importance of Website Promotion

In today’s modern world of business, it is almost uncommon to find a business that does not own a website. A website will not only allow you to gain sales round the clock, but can also help to make your brand a worldwide name. However, unless the required website promotion is completed to make your […]

3 Principles of Sticky Marketing

By: Christine Hill   Remember those math lectures that went in one ear and out the other? Of course not! They were completely forgettable! Sticky marketing is the opposite of that: it’s something that lodges itself in our brain and can’t be shaken. It has the power to spread, and it’s one of the best […]

How A Non-Profit Can Profit From These Five Technologies

Non-profit businesses have distinctive needs that are different from for-profit ventures. These needs have not always been addressed through popular enterprise technologies. Fortunately, this has changed. Non-profits now have many effective technology options available. Non-profits can often profit from these five technologies today. Cloud Technology   Cloud technology like infrastructure as a service and software […]

Top 5 Web Building Services

Finding the right web building services is a difficult task. When you look for information on the search engines, for example, you’ll be greeted with hundreds of pages of promotional hype, sponsored reviews, and company pages. The few relevant reviews that have been written about web building services have been buried deep in the search […]

Technology And Business: 5 Applications Your Business Should Utilize

In this high-speed and cost-averse business environment, it’s essential that leaders implement the newest and most productive technology products to keep up with the competition. Here are some of the applications and technologies that your business should start utilizing now:   Cloud Document Management and Email   The days of people storing documents and emails […]

Five Tools From Google That Will Make Your Business Run Smoother

Online business owners tend to have a love-hate type of relationship with Google, and many are uncomfortable with the reach into our lives and businesses that Google has developed. On the other side, it is difficult to argue the fact that much of what Google brings to market is high quality and makes online business […]

How to Make Your Own Business Website

Creating a website for your business is a must, but you may have been putting off the task as you simply don’t want to have to pay someone a huge amount of money in order to make you a website. The good news is that, thanks to technology, you can create your own great looking […]

4 Characteristics of Engaging Web Pages

The internet is littered with mediocre websites, but only the chosen few truly reach the pinnacle of success in the online market. If you’re looking to build your own webpage, you’re surely wondering what that indefinable quality is that makes a truly fantastic website and how, exactly, you can bring it to your own page. […]

Complete List of Website Builders

As the name suggests, a website builder is a tool that helps people create their own website. Website builders have become extremely widespread over the last number of years as millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of making a website without ever needing to understand HTML language. In actual fact, you also […]

Effective Website Marketing Strategies

Every day, there are thousands of new websites being set up but not many of them will be active in a year or so. Due to intense competition and the millions of websites on the Internet, it’s quite hard to make and maintain a website for a good number of years. For people who are […]

Six Facebook Features that will Boost Your Business Marketing Plan

Facebook has emerged as the leading social media outlet in the world today. Therefore it is very important for business – small and large – to take advantage of Facebook especially when it comes to putting together a serious marketing plan. Here are six Facebook features that will boost your business marketing plan and take […]

Which Type of Web Builder is Better – Hosted vs Desktop Solutions

When choosing a web builder, the very first decision that you need to make is whether you want a hosted solution or a desktop solution.  Both of these options have a strong fan-base, which means that they both have something to offer.  The key is determining which one is right for you.  Here is a […]

How Anyone Can Make a Website Without Programming

In the past, in order to create a website you would need to have a strong understanding of several programming languages. Today anyone can make a website without programming a single thing. The key is knowing what tools you can use in order to achieve this. While there are a number of different companies that […]

Proven Ways To Market Your New Website

The challenge you face when you create a new website is a considerable one. Best estimates suggest that there are over 300 million websites online and this figure is going to escalate as DIY website creation sites become increasingly popular. It will take time and patience to drive traffic to a brand new website but […]

How to Get Noticed as a Small Business

By: Maurine Anderson   Getting noticed as a small business these days can be incredibly difficult when you consider just how many small business owners are out there and how active so many of them are on social media. But your business need not get lost in the mix. Here is a brief look at […]

Keys for a Successful Website

Running a well-designed website is extremely important to the success of almost any business. While nearly anyone can throw together a few web pages, it takes a carefully-planned idea to make a site that visitors will stay at and return to. These keys will help you create a winning site that draws and keeps customers. […]

Five Avenues For Marketing You May Not Have Tried Yet

Finding new ways to market your business can be a challenging feat. However, in this technological age, old is new again. Since nearly everyone is using online advertising and email marketing, going back to some retro forms of marketing sometimes makes a greater impression. Marketing is obviously all about whatever helps you stand out. Sometimes […]

4 Things to Consider Before Looking at a Web Builder

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to choose a web builder before you take the time to identify what you really need.  For most people, web builders will have a number of features and functions that they will never use.  This doesn’t mean that they chose the wrong web builder because […]

I’ve Made a Website, Now What?

If you have recently made your own website, congratulations, now the real work begins. Simply having a website and thinking that millions of visitors will flock to it, is merely a happy thought that won’t come true. You can in fact get those visitors to your website, but you have to make sure that you […]

Myths about Creating Your Own Website

What’s stopping you from launching your own internet business? The thought of starting your own website might seem daunting for most people. But this is mainly due to the myths and misconceptions that are being propagated on the World Wide Web. There are a number of organizations that has an interest in keeping budding website […]

There’s An App For That: Must Have Apps For Every Individual

A phone or tablet can turn into almost anything its owner needs, with the correct choice and use of apps. But with a marketplace full of thousands of apps, finding the ones that will transform your device can be tricky. Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started.   Snapseed   This […]

How to Make a Website Store Fast and Easy

A website store can be a great way for you to make some extra money on the side and if you prune and groom it just right it can eventually become your full time job. Many people who started out small ended up with something big before they knew it. So what is the fastest […]

Common Website Builder Mistakes

A website builder is one of the easiest ways to design your own website, but you can still make mistakes. This list of common website builder mistakes will help you to avoid them and to create your own website quickly and easily. Failure to Customize Templates are a great starting point, but don’t use them […]

Desktop vs. Online Website Builders: Which Is Better?

The reason that more people are turning to website builders is that it streamlines and simplifies the process of creating a professional looking website design without needing to higher an expensive website designer to do it for them. In fact, many website builders don’t even require you to know coding languages like PHP, HTML, or […]

Four Ways to Secure and Protect Yourself from Virtual Intruders

The Internet is a very powerful communication and research tool, individuals and organizations no longer have to sit face-to-face in order to make decisions. It enables us to connect, build relationships, increase our knowledge, and make the world feel just a little bit smaller. To this end, the internet has facilitated globalization, but there are […]

Yola Features for Small Business Owners

Yola’s website builder has a ton of great features specifically designed to help Small Business owners promote their services. Whether you’re a doctor, restaurant owner, contractor, or handyman, Yola has features that can make your website stand out.  Here are 3 useful tools to get you started: 1. File Widget           […]

4 Essentials To Make Sure Potential Customers Can Find You

Finding customers sometimes feels a lot like buying customers because marketing is expensive. If you plan to spend a lot of money on a campaign, know exactly how to use the resources. Do your research if you want to find the most loyal customers. There are 4 essentials you can use to get the attention […]

How to Backup Your Website

There is little doubt that you put a tremendous amount of effort into your website so it stands to reason that you want to ensure nothing ever happens to the various files that make up your website. No matter which platform you use to create your site, you will want to be sure that your […]

Ways to Get More Website Traffic

In order to have true online success, you have to get traffic to your website and lots of it. If you have not been getting the amount of traffic to your website that you thought you might, maybe you need to look at your methods. Many people simply build a website and then expect for […]

The Basics of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and What It Means for Businesses

By Christine Hill   Have you heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership? If you haven’t, it’s not surprising. The deal has largely flown under the radar while in its initial stages of negotiation and development, which is one of the biggest complaints against it.   And while this trade agreement is Obama’s pet project, and perhaps […]

Reasons You Need a Website Builder

When designing a website you have a few options. You can hire a web design company and spend a fortune creating a completing custom site. You can also create a site on your own by using HTML which will take time and effort. The final option is to use a website builder to create a […]

Should You Hire a Professional to Build Your First Website?

If you have are wanting to get online with your own website, you may be wondering if you should have a professional build your first website for you. While a professional will no doubt do an outstanding job on your website, they will also charge you for their efforts. So, you have to consider a […]

Best Programs For Making File Organization Easy

As technology gets smarter, the total available amount of computing power and storage available to people increases as well. This leads to the already prevalent problem of digital clutter changing from a mere pile to a mountain as tall as Mount Everest. While it’s possible to organize your computer’s files using your operating system with […]