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  1. During my free 30-day trial, I enjoyed how easy it was to navigate. I would say that even someone who doesn’t use the computer that often would be able to use this program to help them build their own website.

    I also liked that 1and1 allows you to have more than one web page, which helps increase web traffic to your website. In addition, even though the website didn’t work out for me, I still would have liked to see what the long turn results would have been.

    Even though I no longer have the website, I would have liked to try some of the marketing tools available, just to see how effective they were in attracting more customers.

  2. When you do get someone from customer service, it is hard to understand him or her. I felt as if the questions I was asking were either not understood or the person was not listening to me. It was really quite frustrating.

  3. You get to choose from over 125 web page layouts, and each one is designed for a different type of business. Once you get started you can change any information on your website without doing any programming. It is easy and works good. No hassle involved.

  4. The description of the 1&1 set up sounds compatible enough and very helpful. I will try it shortly.

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