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1&1 Website Builder Review

These days there are many website builders that are available and one of the most well known today is the one offered by web giant 1&1. The 1&1 website builder can be used by individuals and businesses alike as 1&1 is actually an all inclusive site that allows you to purchase domain names, pay for your website hosing and, most importantly, build your website using their website builder. Should you be there for your business then you will use the website builder known as My Website.

Getting Started with My Website

1&1 allows any business owner to fully design and implement a website for a full 30 days without any cost. This gives you ample time to poke around and see what the service has to offer and should you decide to keep the service after the initial 30 day trial is up you will only be charged $9.99 per month. You could pay more, but only if you choose a package that is more money because you wish for additional services.

Getting started is as easy as logging onto the website and finding where it says “Business” and then finding the page for My Website. Then, by clicking the button that says “Try it for FREE” your website building journey begins.

Getting Started with 1&1

The first step to begin your business website design is to let 1&1 know exactly what you are trying to build. So, if your business is electronics, you type in electronics where asked for a keyword and then click “Search.”

Once you do this you are taken to a new page where you will see all kinds of information on the specific keyword you typed in. This will include some samples of real customer websites, a video tutorial to watch, and information on what you can expect to receive with your business website.

Choose Your Package

Once you have taken some time and looked around after typing in a specific keyword you then have to choose your package by clicking on the button on the top or bottom of the web page that says “Go to Package Selection.” Here you will see the variety of choices you have in regards to the cost of your business website.

Packages range from $9.99 top $29.99 and you can read all about each package in great depth before you decide which one is the right one for you. Keep in mind that all the packages include the cost of your domain name. Once you find the right package for your business simply click “Add to Cart.”

Enter Business Information

Once you have decided on the package that is right for your business the next page will be a form page that you must fill out. This will be where you give 1&1 all the information in regards to your business. While not all the fields are required to be filled out, if there is an asterisks next to a field then it is mandatory information that is needed. Once you finish filling out the form click “Next.”

Choose Your Domain

This is the point where you will have to choose a domain name. You can either pick one of the several that 1&1 will suggest for you or you can search for one that you like and see if it is available. You can even choose your domain name later if that is your desire. Once you choose what you like, click “Next.”

You are then taken to a page where you get to review what you’ve done thus far. If everything looks good you simply click “next” again and you will then be taken to a page where you will provide your billing information. Remember, you will only be charged if you decide to use the service after the initial 30 days is up.

The Design

The actual design of your website is made easy with 1&1’s My Website. That’s because they provide you with a whole host of different templates to use when you are ready to begin your design process. The template you select will contain all the elements of the website itself and will only need you to tweak it here and there to make it your own.

You choose the color scheme of the template and add personal touches to it like photos, videos, and more. While it may sound somewhat overwhelming to choose the perfect template and color scheme the first time around, the great news is you can make as many changes as you want. 1&1 makes changes as easy as can be so you are never stuck with anything.

What to Include

1&1 allows you to include a little or a lot for your business website. If you like you can add a professional looking product catalog which will seamlessly allow you to display your product and/or services. But, the choices don’t stop there.

There are other things you can add if you choose, such as a business e-mail for yourself or even some social media widgets on your home page, but the perfect blend of what you should and shouldn’t include all depends on your own personal taste. However, there is no shortage of what you can include on your business website and you will likely take longer to decide what you will include versus how long it takes you to implement the things you do want added.

Going Live

After your website is designed the way you like it, you can then make it live for the entire online community to see. This is as easy as approving your website design with a click of your mouse button. Once you approve the website it is live in seconds. The same holds true for any changes you make along the way.

Business Website for Anyone

Overall 1&1’s My Website makes it very easy for a business owner to get their business up and running on the internet in very little time. This is important as these days any business not online is simply losing customers. With an easy to use platform and a free 30 day trail, 1&1 is a great place for any business over to get their online feet wet and try out a website of their own.

Try 1&1 Free for 30 days.

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5 Reviews of 1&1 Website Builder

  1. Dan Paterson

    During my free 30-day trial, I enjoyed how easy it was to navigate. I would say that even someone who doesn’t use the computer that often would be able to use this program to help them build their own website.

    I also liked that 1and1 allows you to have more than one web page, which helps increase web traffic to your website. In addition, even though the website didn’t work out for me, I still would have liked to see what the long turn results would have been.

    Even though I no longer have the website, I would have liked to try some of the marketing tools available, just to see how effective they were in attracting more customers.

  2. John

    When you do get someone from customer service, it is hard to understand him or her. I felt as if the questions I was asking were either not understood or the person was not listening to me. It was really quite frustrating.

  3. Joan

    Completely satisfied.

  4. Amet

    You get to choose from over 125 web page layouts, and each one is designed for a different type of business. Once you get started you can change any information on your website without doing any programming. It is easy and works good. No hassle involved.

  5. Clyde Allsop

    The description of the 1&1 set up sounds compatible enough and very helpful. I will try it shortly.

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