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Web.com are one of the leading website building companies and were formed in 1997. It is now known as the Web.com Group Inc. which was created in 1999 when Web.com Inc. joined forces with Website Pros. The whole purpose of the site is to create a website builder that is affordable for most people and easy to use. This vision has been shared by dozens of other companies so there is stiff competition. It is claimed that approximately 15 million successful websites have been created by web.com.

What Do Web.Com Do?
Web.com offers a DIY Website Design package which is supposed to help customers create a professional looking website without much fuss. There are 9,500 templates to start with which enables website builders to customize their design. The site also offers starter content with additional features designed to keep the site owner in contact with customers. The site certainly makes the whole process seem simple enough with their exclamations of 3 easy steps. It is just a matter of choosing the design, customizing the site and publishing it online.

Web.com are even selling their site builder on places like Amazon. This package includes free web hosting for 12 months as well as $75 Google AdWords credit, an essential part of any marketing campaign. Otherwise, the monthly charge according to their website is $11.95. On the plus side, it is exceptionally easy to use. Features include unlimited web storage, hosted domains, FTP users and bandwidth transfer. The templates really are professionally designed and its point and click editing feature is extremely convenient. There are a pair of web hosting plans: Linux and The Windows Hosting Plan. The fact that there is little of no drop off in functionality from one plan to the next is excellent with both plans containing more than enough tools to create a successful website.

Yet Web.com has been the subject of numerous negative customer reviews. One of the biggest problems consumers had with the company was the customer service, or lack of it. It appears to be the case that Web.com needs to shape up on this front with lengthy waiting times the biggest issue. However, numerous customers also complained that the support team were less than supportive. Although the aforementioned point and click editing is convenient, its habit of freezing is not.

Although there are a number of useful tools, the price seems a little steep in comparison to some other website builders. What’s more, a close look at their website shows that the $11.95 package which includes Google AdWords and Facebook credit worth $50 each is actually down from $19.95 a month. Extras like Local Directory Submission and Search Engine Submissions are only included with the Business Builder which costs $19.95 for a limited time with its normal price at $29.95 a month.

There are plenty of good things to say about Web.com but the fact of the matter is, there are better website builders out there that have more features for less. If you want to create a website quickly and easily, Web.com is a good choice but more patient would-be site builders are better off searching for another company.

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2 Reviews of Web.com Website Builder

  1. Tanesh

    Did business with this company paid and was dissatisfied with the ending product. So shut down the domain site which is named after my business name and know they are selling my business name as a domain site to others will never use them again. They have ruined my quality name to nothing.

    Dissatisfied customer

  2. Pete Bracken

    This is a scam site. As soon as you get to the point that you need to add photos, they hit you with options for payment. These guys are crooks.

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