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real estate website buildersReal estate website builders allow you to create a professional looking real estate website faster and cheaper than hiring a website designer. You can build your own real estate website by using a simple point and click interface in just a few minutes. Start with a professionally designed template, than add text and pictures of your choosing. A real estate website builder costs far less than a website designed by a professional website developer and is much faster and easier to make.

RankNameFree TrialPrice / MonthReviewRatingInfo
Agent Bizzup10 Days$15.99Easy and affordable way to create real estate site

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Agent Image No$49.95Create a real estate website that gets results

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RealEstateSitesUnlimited$29.95Create a beautiful site that attracts buyers and sellers

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Agent Bizzup

Free Trial:10 Days
Price / Month:$15.99
Review:Easy and affordable way to create real estate site

Overall is a real estate website builder that places great emphasis on the ease with which they can set up a successful real estate site. They specialize in web design, hosting and marketing. The site claims that its users experience a quicker return on investment than on rival sites and is the most cost effective way to gain a significant online presence. As well as having a dedicated contact manager, you will receive listing syndication and metric tools that is likely to turn a high percentage of leads into paying customers.

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Agent Image

Free Trial:No
Price / Month:$49.95
Review:Create a real estate website that gets results


The Design People Inc. is the owner of which was founded in 1999. They claim to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to website design for real estate agents, brokers and companies. Agent Image promise to provide tools that will help generate leads for their real estate clients while also making it easier for the public to buy or sell a home. They offer the basic tools one would expect from such a company including statistics tracking, email marketing and search engine placement.

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Free Trial:Unlimited
Review:Create a beautiful site that attracts buyers and sellers
Price / Month:$29.95

Overall is a website builder which has been created by Properties Online. This is a company who are dedicated to helping real estate professionals grow their business. The organization itself was founded in 2001 and their website builder is currently responsible for creating the website of over 20,000 real estate agents worldwide. is dedicated to helping their clients expand their business through increased traffic and leads. They pledge to create tailor-made sites in contrast to their rivals who they say create websites-by-numbers.

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Real Estate Website Builders - Issues to Consider

Traditional methods of real estate marketing are falling by the wayside. Very few leads are ever generated through magazines or local newspapers. These days, realtors need to be more proactive and find leads online. Like any business, a real estate agent must have a website to show prospects what they are all about. Otherwise, they will lose out to their rivals and soon go out of business. A real estate website builder enables an agent to get a greater foothold in their industry. It can generate a huge number of leads for the company and increase their profits exponentially.

General Content
It’s important to remember that the same rules apply to real estate websites as sites belonging to other business types. The percentage of real estate agents who have spent thousands of dollars on a fancy website that generates no traffic is at least as high as for any other form of business. A common mistake made by agents is to design their site so that it is little more than a brochure in website form. This does not excite prospects nor do it make them want to use your business. The traditional real estate website has the following pages:


All of the above pages are perfectly fine inclusions but more often than not, the whole website is extremely bland. Even when it isn’t, there is a distinct lack of optimization. If a real estate website builder doesn’t have the capacity to use correct SEO procedures, it is pretty worthless. But you need more than just having the right keywords spaced appropriately throughout the pages.

Social Networking Tools
A real estate website builder must have the capacity to spread the word about your agency throughout the social networking scene. You should be able to create a Facebook App which enables you to post listings to Facebook Business Pages. Updating the listings should require little more than a few clicks of the mouse. Likewise, you need to be able to add social networking badges from Twitter, Facebook etc. to your site. When all of this is combined, it gives you a real presence on the search engines. Now your site is visible, you can gain an influx of welcome traffic, thus increasing your profit potential.

One of the most important things about any real estate website builder is the quality of the photographs it allows to be uploaded. The best builders will give you the option to use an interactive photo tour with Flash Slide Show gallery capability. It should be possible to view the photos in high resolution on a full screen. As well as making your site look professional, visitors will see the beauty of the homes on offer.

If a real estate website builder enables you to create a second version of your site which allows mobile phone users to view it, you should definitely consider it as the number of people making purchases from smartphones has increased markedly in the past few years. Overall, a real estate website builder should be your interactive calling card which showcases your skills and convinces prospects that you’re an agent worth dealing with.

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