Easy Online Website Builders Anyone Can Use

Online website builders are software that allow anyone to build a website in minutes! Even if you’ve never tried to make a website before, you’ll find these services easy to use. They are straightforward, intuitive, yet powerful. Using a drag and drop interface, you’ll be able to create a professional looking website yourself – no programming or HTML skills are needed. We’ve been reviewing web builders since 2009 and have helped thousands of people. Hopefully this information helps you to create your own website for your business or blog.

Website BuilderEditor ReviewBBB RatingTrustPilot RatingStarting Cost/MoInclude Email?Free Trial?Deals
godaddy logoWith so many years in the business, GoDaddy knows what it's doing. Customer reviews like this say it all..."We created our own website that quite honestly looks more professional than the $12,500.00 web designer we were considering."3.7 Star Rating$5.9930% off new products!
weebly logoYou can build any type of site with Weebly, including portfolios, business sites, blogs, or online stores. It's not the most flexible builder, but it's very easy to use.3.8 Star RatingFreeGet a Free Domain ($20 Value)
wix logoThe Wix website builder is a simple drag-and-drop inerface that allows anyone to create a small website. There are 100s of free templates available, and most are very impressive looking. Wix is great for small businesses, restaurants, online stores and artists.1.2 Star Rating$13N/A
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Hosting services make it super easy to build your own website by using WordPress. Just create an account, install wordpress with a single click, and start putting your site together with a building tool such as Elementor.

Overview of Top Website Builder Services

Here is an overview of four of the best and most popular website building companies, with information about what distinguishes each one within this quickly-evolving marketplace.


The Wix website builder choice of available templates is large and varied, and there are plenty of ways to customize a site with different fonts and colors. To build your page you can just use a “drag and drop” tool, which makes the entire process simple and intuitive. But one drawback is that after you choose your template you cannot go back and change it for that particular website.

Wix is constantly adding to its platform by building it out with newer and more interesting applications. While many of those apps are free, others are for sale in the Wix app store. Wix websites work seamlessly across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, too.

Wix also has its own freelance marketplace. If you design a Wix website, for example, you can then offer to create similar sites for others who can view your portfolio and decide whether or not to hire you instead of trying to build their site on their own.

Premium Wix packages start from about $13 a month and the full-featured ones cost about $28 a month. But by signing up and paying for a yearly plan you can save a substantial amount (between 15 and 45 percent or so, based on which plan you select) so if you plan to stick with Wix that’s the way to go. To see how the pricing works just visit the Wix site for all the details.


Weebly appeals to both inexperienced web launchers and more experienced and technically astute uses as well. Almost everything involved can be intuitively grasped, but helpful tutorials are also available to walk you through the various features available and show you how to incorporate them into your site.

There is no charge to host your website, and you can use a “drop and drag” tool to add features from a very large and diverse menu. Create slideshow, post video clips, integrate a shopping cart feature, calculate tax and shipping charges automatically, or manage and track your inventory.

Building a site is easy, and you can also use Weebly metrics to track the performance of your website – a feature that is especially useful if you are tracking traffic or operating an online retail store through your site. One feature that many e-commerce users like is that if you have an existing website, Weebly will facilitate importing that product information to the new site that you are building.

You can use a free Weebly web builder, or select a payment plan that fits your needs. Extras available for a nominal monthly fee include such things as more robust security protocols, connecting your own domain, and greater tech support. You can view all of the plans and features on the Weebly website.


Yola offers hundreds of templates, a “drag and drop” tool, and the option to launch an expandable website quickly and easily – with hardly any effort. Just let Yola do the work as you sit back and simply answer questions about your needs and preferences.

You can customize pages, take advantage of Yola’s search engine optimization technology to generate more traffic to your site, and choose from a robust menu of features to enhance security, navigation, and scalable functionality. Yola offers online stores within websites, for example, complete with customized layouts, a checkout cart and credit card or PayPal acceptance, order and inventory tracking, and selling over mobile devices.

You can install widgets for Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, and if you select a design theme for your website and later want to change it you have that flexibility. Many of the add-on features of Yola do come at an extra cost, though, and you can view the whole pricing structure at Yola to get a clear understanding of how it works.


Squarespace may not offer as many templates as other website builders, but the ones that it does have to choose from are outstanding. You can also highly customize the look and feel of your website, and Squarespace especially appeals to those who really value visual aesthetics.

But Squarespace is also a website builder that gets lots of positive reviews for its technology. The company stays on the leading edge in terms of offering all of the newest and most advanced website features, constantly enhancing their product offering. You can create password protections on specified web pages, for example, build a website that is flawlessly compatible across mobile device platforms, and Squarespace has a whole host of useful and sophisticated e-commerce tools for those who want to open a store on their website.

One limitation that is worth noting, however, is that Squarespace offers one kind of payment acceptance system, called Stripe, which facilitates payments directly to your bank account. So if you have a preference for other payment processing systems you may find that lack of payment options too restrictive.

Squarespace does not offer any free website building, but it does have a 2-week free trial period. For those who do pay the pricing structure is very simple without a lot of numbers to crunch. Choose from three different packages and either pay monthly or opt for annual billing at a discounted rate. Visit Squarespace to see the entire pricing menu breakdown that shows all the details.

Choosing the Right Online Website Builder for You

Website builder software is a great option for those who want to create a website for themselves. Individuals who want to build a business creating websites for others need to learn HTML and other skills for website development from scratch. However, for the individual who wants a simple website of his or her own, online website builder software allows you to put one together and have it up and running in as little as a few hours.

Choosing the right online web builder service that meets your needs requires a little knowledge. The most common type is referred to, by those in the industry, as WYSIWYG builders or What You See Is What You Get builders. These are extremely simple to use and can be easily manipulated effectively by anyone who knows his or her way around a word processor. You basically choose templates, type in your text, use editing tools to make changes, select colors, insert photos and voila you’re done. Adding links is done automatically. When you are finished, you click submit and the site will be published for you. It is the ultimate in convenience for website building.

WYSIWYG builders are often included in web hosting packages. There are two main types: online versions that you can use anywhere and downloadable versions that you can use offline and upload your pages when they are finished. There are many different versions of WYSIWYG builders with differing product quality. There are usually tutorials and demos available to help you through the process of building your web pages. There may even be trial offers so you can try them out before you buy them. When you select the web host company and the website development software, typically you pay the web host company per web site page. If you will be building an online store, be sure to read our reviews of shopping cart software.

When you are looking to choose a webpage builder service, the best place to start is by trying the free demo. Ask yourself the following questions:

– Can this service support the kind of graphics I want on my web site?

– Does this website builder service allow me to offer message boards, polls, membership sign-ups and other interactive features? If not, a Content Management System with opensource may be a better option than a WYSIWYG builder.

– Am I too limited in what I can do on my website by used this type of builder?

– Is this website builder user-friendly enough for me?

– Do I want a website builder that is attached to a web hosting company? You can find builders that are independent of web hosting companies which makes it easier if you decide to switch hosting services in the future.

Make sure you look into multiple different website maker software available before you make your choice on the type of software you want to use to create your website. Having a plan for the number of pages and how you expect each page to look, as well as knowing the amount of interactivity you plan to have on your site will help you make the right choice when it comes to a website builder software for you. A professional looking web page is easily achieved with such software and after all, isn’t a good website a must-have in today’s business world!

Be sure to read the simple website builder software reviews posted above to help you make the right choice for your business or personal website.

Who Needs a Website Builder?

Small business owners…

If you own a small business, Weebly is an excellent choice for making your website with. Schedule appointments and collect important information from your customers with Weebly’s integrated form builders and scheduling tools. Powerful SEO options make your site is crawlable and easy to digest for search engines, 

Online entrepreneurs…

Shopify is the one platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business. Sell products to anyone, anywhere—in person with Point of Sale and online through your website, social media, and online marketplaces.


If you love to write and have a knack for expressing the thoughts that others feel, you can make a very good living online as a blogger. And Wix is a great choice for creating your blog.

Creating a website has never been easier. If you are a small business, or starting a home based business, you need to have a website. So, exactly who needs a online website builder? Most small business owners and business professionals have taken on the task of building and maintaining their own websites. With hard economic times impacting many of the small business, the cheapest way to have and maintain a website is to build it yourself. Unless you are a professional website designer, you are going to need a little bit of help.

In addition to the small business owners and business professionals, many people are just simply building their own personal websites. It is a great way to keep friends and family updated on a regular basis. Personal branding has become very important in society today. And unless you have a lot of money to spend, you will need to use a web page builder to help guide you through the process.

Creating an online presence is very important today to business owners, professionals, social clubs as well as networking groups. Unfortunately, the cost of creating a website can be rather pricy. If you do not have the money needed to create a professional looking website, you can use simple website builder software.

Anyone with products or services to sell needs to have a website. The majority of your competitors have websites, so you will need one too. You can not keep up with your competition if you have not created an online presence. By using an online web page maker, you will be able to create and maintain a professional looking website.

Having a website helps you and your business look more professional and can add value to your business. Your website is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when you are not working, your website is working for you.

So now that you realize that you do need to have a website, whether it is a personal website or a business website, you will need to decide whether or not to go with a professional website designer. Money will most certainly play a big part in your decision. If you do not have the extra money to fork over to a professional website developer, then you will certainly need to look at using a website builder and making your own.

Relax, today’s website builders and are easy to use, and easy to afford. There are easy website builders that allow you to build and publish your websites for free. And some of the companies have packages that can cost hundreds of dollars a year. However, this is certainly less expensive than using a professional website designer. Most of the packages that are being offered include your domain and some of them have some added features to help you increase your online presence.

Again, with today’s hard economic times, many business owners and business professional are making cuts where they can, and website creation is one of the places where you can save money.