Being a professional website developer, people have constantly asked me what the best way to make a website is. My answer has changed over the years. At one time using the website development software Dreamweaver was the easiest way to make a website. Then WordPress was the way to go. And then online website builder software like Wix and Weebly came along. But then people asked me which website builder was the best.

And that’s why I created¬†EasyWebsiteBuilders.net in 2009. I wanted to have a single online location that allowed people to easily compare the essential features of the most popular website builders. I wanted potential customers to be able to make meaningful comparisons of the top web builder services available. By reading reviews from existing customers, they should be more informed and more likely to choose the best website builder service for themselves.

Since that time, thousands of people have read our reviews and chosen an online website builder to make a blog, ecommerce site, or small business website. Many of these customers have in turn written a review of the service they chose in order to complete the circle and help others like themselves. We hope you’ll do the same.