Complete List of Website Builders

As the name suggests, a website builder is a tool that helps people create their own website. Website builders have become extremely widespread over the last number of years as millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of making a website without ever needing to understand HTML language. In actual fact, you also need no form of programming and can build a site from scratch in a few hours. This is a godsend for owners of small businesses who lack programming skill and cannot afford to hire a professional.

Disk Space
Virtually all website builders operate from a HTML platform. An exception to this rule is Wix, a website builder that uses flash thus enabling you to create extremely advanced graphics on your screen in no time. The level of disk space varies from site to site. Of the better known website builders, Doomby offers the least amount of space at 10MB whereas Wix offers a whopping 2.5GB.  In terms of max upload file size, Webs leads the field, allowing a single file of up to 40MB to be uploaded at once.

Domain Name
If you are creating a website, you will need a domain name in order for the site to be picked up on by search engines. Without a domain name, even the most glamorous site will remain hidden from view. The majority of website builders offer custom domain names, web hosting and domain registration but most of them charge a fee. Wix is one of the few that offers a free custom domain name.

Two of the key features of any website builder is the ability to ‘drag and drop’ and the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) system. To ‘drag and drop’ means to select an object of your choice and place it anywhere on your web page that you choose. This ensures that you have limitless options when it comes to creating something unique. WYSIWYG means that the graphics and text you place onscreen during the editing process will end up in that exact position when shown as a finished project. Again, this makes the process of building a website extremely easy.

Shopping Carts
Some website builders allow you to create shopping carts. When trying to sell products online, it is vital that you offer an array of different, secure payment methods. You can customize your cart to fit in with the rest of your website. A number of website builders offer this free as part of the subscription fee.

In simple terms, if you don’t use a website builder, you are wasting time and effort when it comes to building a website. If you have a business and want to become an online presence, you must have a site. Why waste money hiring a professional programmer when you can use a free website builder to create your own site in a day? Do some research on the variety of website builders online. Find out the features of the free sites and those of sites that charge a fee. Compare these options to what you hope to achieve on your site. If you have a small business, it’s likely that you will be ok with a free website builder. Sites like Wix offer more than 300 templates which gives you the opportunity to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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