Saving Money on Web Design with Website Builder

Our focus today will be on website builder software from You will learn more about its features, cost and money saving coupons.

Although is mostly a domain name registrar, it has several other services to offer its clients as well. They include web hosting as well as website building. As far as website building is concerned, gives its clients three choices.

  1. Clients can get in touch with their team of Web Designers who can create a professional website according to the client’s desires. From all the big players the web services industry, is the only one who offers 1-to-1 web design consulting.
  2. After purchasing one of their webhosting plans, a client can also install a CMS system like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. This can be done using their control panel, which happens to provide website templates in their hundreds. The templates cover all possible niches.
  3. Clients also have the option of using a Website Builder Software to design the sites on their own.

Our focus today will be on Website Builder Software from and the best time to use it. Other than that, you will also learn more about this feature and its advantages and disadvantages.

Why use the Website Builder?’s website builder lets you design a site even when you cannot write a line of code. In the past, you needed to labor for hours mastering the art of coding in order to create a beautiful and effective website on your own. If you did not want to take this route, you had to dig deep to pay a team of web designers to build a site on your behalf. But now, with a Website Builder, which is a very user-friendly software, you can build beautiful and efficient sites without professional assistance or intricate knowledge of coding.

As a plus, users of will have access to a WYSIWYG website building software. You simply have to drag and drop various elements of the site to end up with a professional-looking site.

Advantages of using’s Website Builder

Without a doubt, the fact that you can create sites quickly and without the need for any technical skills is one of the greatest upsides to using’s website builder. All you have to do is log in to your website. From there, you should select one of the available themes and then start to personalize your site as per your preferences.

Since website builders have improved a great deal over time, you can expect to end up with a website that will stand up to the design excellence of sites designed with lots of coding and logs of money. So, if you want your site up and running as soon as possible, and you don’t want to get tangled up in the technical design aspects of coding, then a website builder is precisely what you need.

Disadvantages of using a Website Builder

Website builders are not without their downsides. Their drag and drop design makes them less customizable when compared to other site building methods. The features of websites build using WYSIWYG tools are generally not as detailed as sites created using a CMS such as WordPress or a team of website designers.

Additionally, since the site is built using the web host’s server resources, you don’t really have full control over it. Consequently, you could lose a lot by getting banned for some rule violation of another.

Website Builder software is hosted in shared server of a webhosting company. Since your site depends on that software to operate, it means that you cannot migrate your website to a different host.

Another downside to using a website builder is that the shared servers they are hosted load at a much slower pace that VPS or Dedicated servers. That is because you have to share bandwidth with other users in the same server.

Saving money

Full website design, in addition to marketing services, go for more than $249.95 a month at In comparison, a Website Builder starts at a paltry price of just $11.95. What’s more? coupons lower the cost to only $6.75 per month. promo code THANKU1019 is valid this week and will save an extra 10% off your web design costs.

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