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ReverbNation is considered to be one of the top online music marketing platforms and is currently being used by nearly 2,000,000 artists.  This doesn’t include the managers, then use, and record labels that use their service as well.  They offer both free and premium solutions that are geared to provide a centralized location for website promotion, Digital distribution, fan relationship management and tracking, concert booking, and website hosting.  There are different packages and tools available for different purposes.

The first packages designed for record labels and managers.  The free features include access to exclusive content and a central artist management page which utilizes a variety of promotional widgets and the ability to send e-mail broadcasts to fans.  As a premium member, there are several important additional features that can be utilized.  The most important are the built-in website builder, additional space for song storage, and the ability to distribute the music digitally.  There is also a digital press kit, which is a customizable website that includes links to social networking profiles, high-quality photos, fully downloadable songs, and comprehensive statistics about your fan demographics.

Venues have a number of unique features as well.  The most important is likely the profile page that they can create on ReverbNation.  It will allow them to manage content across multiple platforms from a centralized location as well as track what other people are saying about the venue online.  You can even import the RSS feed from your blog and display it on your profile page.  There are also several premium tools related to developing customized e-mail templates and tracking included in a feature known as FanReach Pro.

The largest set of features, both free and premium, are available to artists.  Not including the premium features, the tools available to artists can be broken down into four categories – promotional tools, viral marketing, statistics/tracking, and earning money.  The two most popular promotional tools are the Buzz Tracker and TunePak.  The Buzz Tacker can monitor a variety of online properties to find out what people are saying about the band or artist.  Some of these properties include Yahoo!, twitter, YouTube, MSN, BlogPulse, and Podzinger.  The Tune Pak is a tool that will allow you to quickly send music via e-mail, IM, or your website.  The viral marketing tools include a handful of website widgets, including the popular Tune Widget, and a variety of Facebook apps.

In the statistics and tracking tools can provide detailed information about your online fans, help you track online banner advertisements, and utilizes Band Equity which is a metric that was developed by ReverbNation to compare the overall band value across the digital landscape.  Artists can also make money by selling through the Reverb Store as well as selling music, merchandise, and tickets directly from their website or profile page.  ReverbNation also shares 50% of their advertising revenue with any artist who signs up.  Some of the premium features for artists include a tool that will build a mobile app, help distribute it, build a website, create digital press kits, and even build customized Facebook pages.

A growing number of fans are calling ReverbNation home as well.  They get access to exclusive content and can listen to ReverbRadio for free.  This station streams tracks from independent bands across the globe and in any genre.

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