Easy WebContent is a service that enables you to create a new site or edit existing pages of your site quickly and easily. The process of editing web pages can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. They offer a web based WYSIWYG system which allows website owners to access their site content at any time and alter it without prior technical knowledge. The service is designed for companies of all sizes and caters to people with varying levels of programming knowledge. If you are using this service, bear in mind that it is not designed to compete with hi-tech and expensive products. It is specifically for companies on a budget which is apparent from the pricing.

As well as guaranteeing 100% uptime, Easy WebContent also makes it easy for you to enjoy a free trial just by divulging your name and email address. Unlike other services, you are not obligated to provide credit card details. There are two different packages on sale, the prices of which vary depending on whether you are getting the service monthly or annually.

– Standard: This costs $10 a month and enables you to create and edit up to 10 website pages. It also offers a hefty 10GB of bandwidth, 1GB of storage space, a custom domain name and an array of other features. You can also get a year’s subscription for $99 which works out at $8.25 a month.
– Complete: This will set you back $22 a month but allows you to create an unlimited number of webpages. You receive 50GB of bandwidth, 5GB of storage space and a different level of features to those available on Standard. A year’s subscription works out at $17.60 a month or $211.20 annually.

Although you are given a range of pre-designed templates, Easy WebContent does a better job than other web builders when it comes to allowing users to experience a greater level of freedom during the creation of their masterpiece. You don’t need to change the website’s configuration when editing web pages. It is incredibly easy to edit existing web copy, add table, crop and flip images and add contact forms.

Statisticians among you will be thrilled to learn that Easy WebContent contains Google Analytics. This service also makes it easier for search engine spiders to find your website as you are given total control when it comes to optimization. Managing your webpage’s URLs and updating Meta tags are just some of the things you can do to improve your site’s SEO.

If you are feeling fancy, add some special add-ons! You can add flash slide shows, scrolling banner content, music players and photo galleries. It is easy to add widgets from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much more. Previously, there were no e-commerce options but this has been updated so you can add various payment options to your site.

The level of customer support you receive depends on the package chosen. Both sets of customers have the option of submitting a ticket to Easy WebContent’s dedicated 24/7 team but Complete Plan customers receive responses in less than six hours, an impressive feat. Easy WebContent is a service that is superior to most of its rivals and is available for a reasonable price. If you haven’t created a website yet, this may be the best company to choose and you can still avail of their editing service even if your site is already live.

Easy WebContent currently has a 40% discount for their Complete Site Builder and HTML Editor that is available for anyone who registers. All you need to do is use the coupon code EWC2012

2 thoughts on “EasyWebContent”

  1. Jess Willoughby

    Designing a website can be time consuming and a little tough on the grey cells, but the finished product can be the key to a successful business. Or maybe it could be your personal success. Either way, you will need to start somewhere and a good place to do that is Easy WebContent.

    Be you businessman or blogger, Easy WebContent has some great features for you. There are add ons that allow you to display flash items, and play music, and link social media. There is a file manager that allows you to upload and organize personal content. There is the option for custom color schemes and personalized themes. There are plenty of options for the new and experienced alike.

    Don’t let it suck you in though. There are a few inadequacies. The drag and drop system that is user friendly and easy to master is limited. There are only 21 themes, and even though you can personalize them it can be hard to make it your own while keeping good design features intact. And while there is an image editor, it too is limited to the simple tasks and any advanced editing will have to be done off site.

    This site builder is designed for the business that needs a new ad avenue that is cost effective, for the blogger that is looking for their own voice, and for anyone in between. It is an amazing place to start, and should be used to its full advantage with that in mind.

    A final note, don’t let this website builder be all you notice. There is an HTML editor that offers the same features for an already existing website. So, if your current builder/editor is breaking the bank or just not doing what you need it to, try Easy WebContent.

  2. I’m glad that you acknowledged that Easy WebContent has an HTML Editor. With so many site builders on the web the competition is grueling. However, the competition with HTML Editors, I have to say Easy WebContent stands out from all the rest. I really would like to see a review on their HTML editor.

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