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  1. Hi, I have used Ewisoft Web Builder for a few years now and found it to be less confusing than other web design software on the market, but that was some 8 years ago. Ewisoft has not changed that much, on the surface since I first began using it. I say easier to us, meaning it is a WYSIWYG process, just like using a word processor. It is not like the — create a window, drag and drop, graphical types so popular now. What you can do with Ewisoft is unlimited as far a s paging goes. You could literally write a book, formatted and all and post it with Ewisoft. It does come with some pre made templates, 20 0r so, but after that you will pay for any other templates and they are not cheap. Also, they finally did something I don’t think anyone else has attempted — the software has an internal editor but it is lacking and everything you do with it you have to do from the menu bar at the top which is annoying — you want to copy? You have to go to the menu bar at the top and click “edit” select “copy”, etc. etc. for every edit command, no right click mouse control here. But, they had put in an option where you can select Microsoft Word as the editor, which is outstanding. You select MS Word and when you are on your page it will automatically bring up MS Word (a word processor you will have to already own) and you can type away, do whatever, add pictures even, then when you save it goes right into your Web page, just like you see it in MS Word — well sort of — it seems not all of the MS word commands and fonts transfer over 100%. Line spacing can get lost or increased, and some font disappear. What I do, that seems to work best, is I prepare my article in MS Word 10 and when finished I then do a copy and paste. I open Ewisoft, open to a blank page and then paste my Word article and it seems to work better that way, but I still lose some fonts, like Greek or Hebrew characters I sometimes include in my articles. This is not a graphics based modular operation like most of the Web builders you see today, and because of this it is much better suited, in my opinion to large bodies of printed material, like a said, posting book by chapters and with your own pictures. I have tried using the sound features, like playing a sound track, and that is pretty much a hit and miss adventure, or from online the reviewer has to wait for the sound to load, and in these days, who wants to wait? It works for me but I am looking at some of the newer offerings and may replace this “long in the tooth” work with something that is a little more appealing that will hold all of the material I have already posted using this software. If you have a large body of written work to present, I would recommend this Software.

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