• by is exactly what the name suggests; it’s a site for people that have always wanted to build a website, but never had the time or skilllset required to build one. All the creator needs to do is think of what they want their website to consist of and create a login ID. After that, they can have access to a number of different tools and services to help them get their dream website up and running. The site is then created by a team of designers and completed in 2 days.

The site can be used to create both personal and business websites, opening doors for potential exposure in a number of different ways. Those that want to sell a product or service can rest assured that their site will be using SEO services and can be marketed on social networks as well. This means that the reach of any created website can be global and is not going to be limited in any manner. The sites are also backed up on a daily basis, so nothing is ever lost or hard to find.


There are a number of great benefits for people who use As the name suggests, it’s free to get started and get a feel for everything. The creator can be as involved or as distant as they want to be, even using the services of a web content writer to create interesting topics for visitors to read. It’s as hands-off as anyone can be, but can also be very hands-on. While simple additions can be made with the easy editing tool, the website can undergo a complete overhaul as well. Creators simply need to contact the team in order to change what they want on the site and make it the perfect fit for their needs. Another big benefit is the fact that search engine optimization methods are used for all websites that are created. The inclusion of this service means that your website will reach a very vast audience and never fade into the background.

Some sites promise users a “free” website, but cover the created page with ads and other distractions. This is how many websites earn revenue and cover their “free” fees. With, that’s never an issue. All pages are clean and clutter-free, letting the web designer be in complete control of what their site looks like. They can choose to add ads if they want, or can go for a nice, clean look without worrying about visual clutter.

All websites that are created are given a custom domain name and can also be created to be seen on mobile phones. As the number of smartphone users increases, the reach that a website has can expand as well. The domains can be custom made as well, meaning that there is no fear that your dream site will be shot down for any reason. No matter what skill level a person is at, they will be able to design and maintain the web site of their dreams.

One of the most promising things about is the turnaround time. In a short span of 48 hours, you can have a website created to your tastes and needs. This is especially impressive when considering the fact that everything is free, as even paid contractors may have a problem building a site in such a short span of time. Combine this with the friendly customer service and it’s easy to change things around or perfect the website so that you are 100% satisfied.


The main thing that brings people into is the fact that it’s free. However, just like anything that sounds too good to be true, it’s only free for a set amount of time. As a web visitor, it’s really read to see between the lines and learn how much all the features are going to cost you. Many links and images simply pop up a window for you to create an account, making it difficult to understand what you are getting yourself into. It’s easy to figure out that the site is more interested in people signing up than staying for the long haul.

A quick skim of the terms and conditions state that those looking to cancel their subscription must notify the designers two weeks in advance. This means that it may be hard to quickly shut down a site if it is not cost-effective or budgets need to be monitored. Pair this up with the fact that it’s hard to determine the overall costs, and things can quickly fall into a gray area. There’s simply not enough information to make an educated prediction on whether the services are worth staying for after the website is created.


In the end, is geared toward a very specific group of people. Those that want to create a website but don’t know anything about getting started, will most likely benefit the most from the services. Those that just don’t have the time to build a site because of their everyday life will also be able to benefit from since they can have a site built for them and then use their resources to make a name for themselves.

A few may even be able to turn a profit and make something bigger in the process by using the services. It could give some people the big break they need to alter their careers and do something different with minimal effort. Those that are just looking to make a fun little site for the sake of entertainment may come across several different payment tiers after the initial process has been completed, and chances are pretty high that they’ll stop after the free period. The website will be worth a try to see how everything works, but it will be up to the user to determine if the site is right for them, just as long as they know everything won’t be free forever.

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