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  1. I have been a Go Daddy customer for several years and was very satisfied with them until they made some major changes and no longer offer certain templates anymore. Just so happens, mine was one of the ones they decided to axe. I called Cust Serv and the fella that answered had no clue why and no suggestions for me! I am not happy they upgraded to less-friendly user features either! Once you get used to using something, they have to go and change it on you. Not happy with them right now at all and thinking seriously about changing to someone else!

  2. GoDaddy was rather helpful getting my account set up and $300 payment processed. I committed to three years with a domain name registration, 10 page website, and search engine visibility. However, no one seems able to tell me why I cannot import and publish the optimization tags which means no one (including myself) can find my website on the internet. The amount of money spent is frustrating but the amount of time spent is unforgiveable. I wish I had been able to read the user community comments before purchasing, but GoDaddy has their site set up to prevent actually learning about it prior to purchase. Also, they do not have a tollfree number. Every call to them is on my nickel (my cell time)and so far, I have spent over two hours on the phone with them. GoDaddy’s policy is they will place you on hold , transfer your calls (again at the end of the hold queue) rather than call you back. I am pretty much back at square one or possibly worse now that the domain name I want is no longer available expect if I continue with GoDaddy. I have no website for all intents and purposes since no internet search will find my site. My business is totally reliant on my website which means I have no business at this point.

  3. GoDaddy is the largest domain registration and hosting company in the world, and at time the arrogance of that position shows through. I have had constant lock-out problems with their website tonight product. I have sent them screen shots and screencasts from multiple computers using different operating systems and internet providers that demonstrate and repeat the on-going problems I have, yet GoDaddy claims I am the only one in the world reporting this problem…? Really guys, I’ve seen other posts reporting very similar sounding problems w website tonght so stop goofing with your customers and solve some technical issues

  4. Don’t do it. This site sucks!! It is a total waste of money, the programmers who wrote this S**t, need to look for a new career. There are some quality sites that have quality and easy to use web building programs out there. This isn’t one!!

  5. I’ve used GoDaddy for hosting for the past twenty years. Great Hosting, great customer service, but the worst web buiding site, ever. I ended up so frustrated and angry with how non user friendly Website Tonight is that I am now going with someone else entirely. I do not recommend this site builder

  6. I’m a Mac user who tried to use GoDaddy’s Website Tonight and gave up in utter frustration. It’s so awful that even their great tech support can’t help you. I knew there had to be something better than that out there so when I saw some reviews that compared SnapPages.com ease of use to Apple’s products, I figured it was worth a try.

  7. Well, I should have read these reviews before I signed up with GoDaddy. I got a deal through Costco membership, which was nice. I was suckered into believing that Website Tonight would be easy to work with. I have a simple, 5-page website option and am COMPLETELY frustrated with the web builder. It’s really, really, really awful. I cannot UNrecommend it enough. The options are so limited it’s ridiculous. For anybody that has ever designed anything in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or even Publisher, this program will drive you nuts.

  8. GoDaddy is one of the worst systems I have ever used and I do this for a living! I am helping a colleague with his start-up site and their webbuilder is the worst piece of crap I have ever worked with – it flat-out does not work! It is not intuitive – as an example, to change the menu buttons, there is a pop-up labeled with “Buttons” – but changing them here doesn’t work! You have to go to Navigation. Then why have the Button section at all? Just confusing. It’s supposed to be drag and drop, but that again does not work. When you try to resize something, it resizes until you save – then it reverts back to the original size (so nothing changes). They system jams all the time, there is no tutorial or help, and any time you click for help they miraculously put you back on their sales page. I am actually switching to another company this weekend, once I figure out the anti-GoDaddy.

    Great customer service, but I’ve found their favorite comment is, “I’m not really sure why that isn’t working,” and they are genuinely confused by their own system! It’s because your product stinks, that’s why. Nice people, bad product.

  9. I was just going to use godaddy.com until I got on here. So what is a good website to use? I want a website for my cookies & flowers gift boxes. I just want to get this up and running and not throw my money out the window.

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