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Although InMotion are known primarily for their web hosting service, they also offer a website builder which can help change the fortunes of businesses struggling to be noticed online. InMotion include their site builder with their Business Class Web Hosting packages, the cheapest of which is $5.95 a month. Their website builder makes it easy for their customers to create an effective online presence and improve business.

InMotion’s site builder is remarkable easy to use with the standard WYSIWYG website editor allowing you to add or paste your content with the point and click interface. Making changes really is as easy as using a word processor. There are more than 500 different themes available, each of which is specific to a certain industry. You can then customize just about anything you wish including your site’s color scheme, header graphic and logo. Once you’re happy with the site’s content, one click will publish it for you.

The Premium web builder offered by InMotion also allows you to create blogs, message boards and photo galleries. You also have the option of forcing users to register for your site. This is a clever way of getting important user data which can be used for marketing purposes. Blog posts can be edited at any time regardless of where you are. Once you have an internet connection, InMotion allows you to be the complete master of your website. You can quickly upload photos and create an attractive gallery which showcases your company. It’s even possible to create a message board, an ideal method of increasing site content without you being required to write a single word!

InMotion also helps businesses that don’t have the time to create their own sites. This is why they offer a simple six step solution:

  1. Contact InMotion
  2. Engage in a 15 minute interview where you discuss your company’s aims
  3. Send them content to work with
  4. They build your site
  5. You review the site
  6. They publish the site once you’re happy with their work

They offer two different packages:

  • Premium: Includes 5 custom pages, optional ecommerce, 30 minutes worth of website updates per month, business email, domain name or transfer, medium search engine reach and custom web design. This package is available with the Power Business Class Web Hosting Package which starts at $7.95 a month.
  • Premium Plus: Offers 15 custom pages, 90 minutes of website updates a month, high search engine reach and much more. Premium Plus comes with the Pro Business Class Web Hosting Package which costs $13.95 a month.


The site builder offered by InMotion is a fantastic value as it comes with one of their web hosting packages. As well as being easy to use, it also has an array of features that are sure to help businesses of any size. InMotion also uses the latest SEO techniques to ensure that your site ranks well on search engines. Overall, it’s hard to fault a site builder that is so reasonably priced and filled with useful features.

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