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  1. It’s really simple to create a website with intuit. I just made a website to help me coordinate events for an upcoming family reunion. I suppose if you needed a complicated site this may not be the website builder to choose, but for a small business, wedding, hobby site, etc it’s perfect. I have tried many website builders and nothing compares to intuit.

  2. Intuit charges you for the same thing you can get for free if you use Blogger or WordPress. of course you cant get your own domain with wordpress or blogger. But if you like the feel of a TurboTax like software, you’ll feel right at home with the Intuit website builder. Just know that their software is just one of several dozen DIY website builders out there.

  3. I made the fatal mistake of buying my domain name from Intuit. I renewed it through another site but Intuit would not unlock it and release it to me. My website has been down for 6 days.

    Intuit shuffles all of their website problems over to homestead and then shruggs their shoulders when something needs to be fixed in their end. The best part is that no one and I mean NO ONE has a contact number to Homestead. Even the Office of the President at Intuit can’t get ahold of them.

    Do yourself a favor and build your site on WordPress

  4. I didnt like it. I thought it was easy enough to use, but I found it to be frustratingly limited and sadly primitive. The extras are good. But, the site builder is a bore…would have been prehistoric 5yrs ago. Still, its a good place to start. Just don’t stay long.

  5. Used Intuit sitebuilder in the past with no problems. But they recently came out with a new version which is terrible. Problems getting pages to load in order to edit. Even problems opening the help section. (keeps prompting to enable cookies; doing so doesn’t help). They removed many of the helpful tools such as grid and ruler, that made things very easy in the earlier version. No borders, no forum, many things have been removed from this newer version. Am looking for another website builder. This newer version is simply way too frustrating.

  6. My name is Stacey Buchanan from Buchanan LP Gas Company in Travelers Rest SC. I am a large independly owned Propane company and this year I started a new website with Intuit. We started building our store at the end of May which was a absolute nightmare finally about mid July our website appeared for the first time. Weeks past and we are trying to find some small signs of our existance on the internet. At the first of October my keywords that had been submitted to Intuit could not even be found on the last page much less anywhere near the first page. I understand it takes 3 to 6 months for optimization to complete but I find it strange that I cant even be found on the back of the bus. My last phone call in October I found out that my optimization didnt start until after the first of September I find this to be very unprofessional the website was started 2 months before the begining of optimization. I hope everyone reads this review because this is not a web host for a professional business it is a sad day for me because it is getting cold and it is time for my business to get started you cant sell propane and gas logs in the summer. Please everyone beware of this company it is all empty promises I will have to change my site and web host as soon as the winter is over. Sincerely, Stacey Buchanan President of Buchanan LP Gas Inc.

  7. As others have said the web infrastructure is extremely limiting. I paid for customization, got some of what I was looking for then other areas such as custom pages, they renamed their template pages but never told me which of my custom corresponded to their template renames……..two hours to figure this out. My latest frustration is that Intuit is not intuitive when it comes to Google AdWords or Google Base. I’ve had to troubleshoot some of my own issues because response from “support” is either inadequate or they are just too bloody slow in response. Over all if you don’t know ANYTHING about eCommerce it is a way to get your biz out in the ether. But if you want something more than a shopping cart and a semi-static web catalog—-keep looking. You will be very very disappointed you invested your time and money.

  8. I started to sign up but quit. First, they wanted to charge per month to keep my registration information hidden. They gave a whole list of scary things that could happen to me if I didn’t pay. Then I had to agree to the terms and conditions for domain name registration. It was many pages long, full of legal terms I didn’t want to research, and bound me to legal arbitration.

    Forget it!

  9. We tried one of Intuit’s templates for our church, and decided to quit because we didn’t like it. They kept our domain name FOR ONE YEAR and REFUSED to transfer it to our new host. They DELETED our website and replaced it with their ad instead, using our domain to direct traffic to their site. What a horrible thing to do. We will NEVER recommend them to anyone. We are now very happy with our new host. They have awesome and easy to use website installers in their control panel. Just a few clicks and boom your site is online.

  10. Intuit charges you $1 per month NOT to release your confidential information: name, address, email

    Found this out the hard way while helping a client buy a domain name and build an Intuit hosted website. So when it says $4.99 per month for the domain and $2 a month for hosting services, tack on another $1 per month to keep your personal information safe from spammers, telemarketers etc.!!!

  11. I needed an online store for my gift/embroidery business. I found the design process disjointed and cumbersome from the beginning.
    The use of the store once its live is actually quite easy. My largest bit of frustration comes from the really long wait times from the Help Desk, and the fact that you cannont suspend service for more than 2 weeks without your entire site being deleted. I have some cirucmstances that will not allow me to work on my store for awhile. So, do I let go of the $1700 site? OR continue to pay all of their fees to keep it from being deleted? I would NOT recommend Intuit. I have many friends using other sites that are much more afforable, accessable and have better policies. Shop around!

  12. I felt Homestead (Intuit) was a good way to build my own site. I prefer building my site from scratch, no templates. Homestead offered enough design elements to make a good site. But, now that I use Verizon wifi, 4g LTE hotspot, to get online I can no longer access Homestead. I cannot design my site or even access them. Verizon acknowledged the problem but offers no fix. Homestead (Intuit) simply said it wasn’t their problem. Yes, it is your problem. If you can’t be accessed by customers who wants to deal with you. The many reviews saying Homestead (Intuit) is a dinosaur are true.

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