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iPage is ostensibly a web hosting service but it also contains a website builder as part of its package. The site uses world class technology in order to help you create a website in as little as ten minutes. iPage offers everything from assistance when it comes to designing and building the site to selling online and marketing. It even helps you send marketing emails to prospective customers. The company has already gained a positive reputation for their web hosting exploits but how does their website builder stack up?

Features & Pricing
The original hosting package is available for a promotional price of $3.50 a month but renewing the iPage package will cost you $8.95 a month on a 12 month contract, $7.95 on a 24 month contract and $6.95 on a 36 month contract. When it comes to designing and building your site, you receive a drag and drop builder which enables you to create up to six pages for free. There is also a template based site builder which allows you to choose from dozens of templates, blog setup and photo gallery setup wizards. A personalized domain name comes with the package and is free for 12 months.

Ease of Use
It is hard to believe but you can actually build a website in approximately 10 minutes using a Weebly drag and drop builder on iPage. All you have to do is create an iPage account and click the Weebly icon on the control panel. Thanks to drag and drop, the layout of your site can be dramatically altered in a very short space of time. Add multiple columns, RSS feed, paragraph elements, pictures in text and contact forms in no time.

The readymade templates are divided into categories such as business, education, health, environment etc. Choose between the templates on offer and finalize your decision with a click. When setting up a website, it’s important to have multiple pages such as Terms of Use, Home Page, About Us etc. HTML coding was the mainstay of website building at one time and required individuals to have programming skills. With iPage, a few clicks of the mouse are all you need to add pages.

Marketing the Site
If you are looking to sell products online, visibility in the form of SEO is vital. With iPage, you can quickly optimize your website to be compatible with search engines such as Google. Thanks to iPage, it’s easy to add suitable titles, keywords and meta tags. You also have access to a variety of online marketing guides with iPage as well as having Google Webmaster Tools at your disposal. Companies in the United States receive a toll free number absolutely free and all companies get a free Yellowpages.com listing. In addition, iPage gives you $100 worth of Google AdWords credit, $50 worth of Facebook Advertising credit and $25 worth of Yahoo! or Bing sponsored search credit.

As well as being a top class hosting service, iPage really delivers when it comes to being a great website builder. Companies don’t need to spend a fortune creating a professional looking site. With iPage, they can do it themselves and get their company seen online.

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