Plebu is a website builder that aims to keep the process of creating a website as simple as possible. The company reminds clients that the website is being created for the customer, not the company. Plebu vows to help your business create a website that is the ultimate user friendly experience which they believe will help your business flourish. They are of the opinion that a website shouldn’t have superfluous features in a bid to look different. Simplicity is the key to success and they aim to provide a website building solution that makes the creation of the site as easy as possible.

When it comes to their pricelist, Plebu certainly maintain their simplistic approach. Unlike other websites, there are no separate plans. Everyone who uses their website builder gets the same features. The only difference occurs if you decide to pay monthly ($12 a month) or annually ($120 a year which works out at $10 a month). Plebu also offers you a 30 day free trial. This is impressive because many companies offer between 10-14 days.

Plebu offers the basic website builder tools that can be found in any one of 100 similar sites. It helps you use the power of social networking as it enables you to quickly and easily import videos and photos from sites like Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to create galleries in the blink of an eye. You also have the option to personalize these galleries with a number of attractive layouts on offer.

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) method of creating a website is very evident when you’re using Plebu. What this means is that you’re able to see what your website looks like while you edit it. This is significant because older website builders were frustrating as they forced you to flip back and forth through the pages on your site to make sure that all changes were made correctly.

The ease of use is also shown in the drag and drop feature which sees the navigation page built for you as soon as create a new page. The simple process of dragging and dropping re-orders the pages. You can create logos which will help transform your business into a brand. Plebu enables you to choose the color, font and size of the logo to give it a realistic appearance. Like all website builders designed for businesses, Plebu offers you tools like Google Analytics and other SEO options to promote your business, get it seen on search engines and find out more about your audience so you can alter your marketing campaign as necessary.

There is a lot to admire about Plebu, especially its simplicity. It delivers what it promises and ensures that the process of creating a website isn’t a complex one. However, there is nothing about Plebu that is really original. This is not a slight against the site but one wonders how it can realistically stand up against the myriad of other website builder options. As there is only one package, there is no mystery and if Plebu doesn’t deliver what your business needs, there are no upgrades to be had. It’s a solid website builder overall but lack of distinguishing features will hinder its progress.

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    Our distinguishing feature is how great websites built with Plebu look on tablets and smartphones. When you visit your plebu website on a phone it automatically turns into an app-like website. There is no need to zoom in to read text or to click on buttons. Our goal is to give your website visitors the best possible experience.

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