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  1. This website builder is as good as any other I’ve used, whether they are professional website design packages or inexpensive do it yourself services. The sitecube website builder can do everything they can, and for a much lower cost. I wouldn’t even bother trying another service. Get your website built and online fast with sitecube.

  2. Sitecube website builder helped me so much. I had never made a website before and was very intimidated. I made a website with sitecube very easy. Thank you so much!

  3. this is a really great service. sitecube allowed me to make a fantastic looking website for my small business in no time. i’m really glad i learned about this service before spending hundreds on a new site.

  4. Sitecube is a joke there is no phone support only on-line tech support which you are trying to comunicate with someone in India that cannot understand you would like a refund so don’t plan on getting a refund from site cube if you are unsatisfied with there service . Then they post your domain is for sale and tell you that you need to pay them a fee to release the code to your domain you have chosen this to me sound fraudulant and a scam . this is the worst company I have ever dealt with beware I informed them I will be reporting them to the Federal trade commision and they said they didn’t care …BEWARE !

  5. Sitecube is an abomination to the internet. Shocking customer service, whenever I ask a question I receive a reply VERY late and practically incoherent. TO ALL POTENTIAL SITECUBE USERS: Post a question asking for help on any particular issue. Wait (a long time) for your reply and try to decipher it. Do you want to invest hundreds of dollars in this?

    As for me, I switched to Cubender (Weirdly similar name I know). It’s 100% more professional, easier to use and produces nicer looking sites. Plus you dont have to pay a year upfront, its monthly. Also you dont have to pay that stupid $30 registration fee that Sitecube has.

    Take it from me, Sitecube is horrible and no one should ever use it!

  6. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered in any business. I believe they are scammers and I will only tell people to RUN if they consider making a site with them. They give you a phone number you can’t get through too and they won’t call you if you request them to. Email or Live Chat only is very hard and time consuming. I wish we could give negative stars because I would give them a negative 100.

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