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  1. SUCKS! I wanted to use a 3rd party credit card processing company instead of PayPal. It’s less than 1/2 the cost of PayPal. I asked before I started building my site if I could use the particular vendor. I was told NO PROBLEM!! Spent about a week building my site inly to find out that I couldn’t use the vendor. I needed to transfer to domain name I set up and they want $19.99 to transfer it!! Not to mention their templates suck now that I have shopped around. I went with GoDaddy.com and they have templates that make your company look like a Fortune 500 company!! No comparison. Best part, the GoDaddy team all speak fluent English!! The pricing is about 1/4 of the price of Vistaprint also. They need to stick with business cards because they suck at the website building service!!

  2. VISTAPRINT SUCKS. Avoid their website builder – it has ongoing problems that their “technical dept” will not address – and I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO EDIT MY WEBSITE IN OVER 4 MONTHS! THIS is an ongoing issue they simply cannot and seemingly will not fix, EVER. AFTER 9 years with them, GOOD RIDDANCE! HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!

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