Vistaprint is known worldwide for their supply of printing materials to online consumers but they are also getting in on the web hosting and website building market. Vistaprint was founded in 1995 by Robert Keane who is the current CEO. Their business is famous for having the ability to print huge orders in short runs, thus maximizing their profit and efficiency. Their website claims that more than 10 million people have joined them to promote their business in the last year. Clearly, Vistaprint have decided that printing materials is no longer enough. Website builders are springing up all over the world and Vistaprint are determined to make a profit from this thriving market.

What Does Vistaprint Website Builder Do?
Vistaprint does not differ from the majority of website builders in terms of the features it offers. In the spirit of making the process of building a website as easy as possible, Vistaprint gives those who purchase their site builder a link to their Dashboard. This contains account information, tools and tips which should make it extremely easy to start up. The site claims that no technical skills are required and it takes less than an hour to create a website from scratch.

Vistaprint offer three separate packages: Starter, Standard and Professional. Starter is available from just $4.99 a month and offers 25MB disk space, 5GB bandwidth and basic phone support. The Standard package is $9.99 a month and offers 100MB disk space, 10GB bandwidth and basic phone support. At $14.99 a month, the Professional Package is a little pricy but you do receive priority phone support, unlimited web pages, 500MB of disk space and 20GB of bandwidth. Other features on Professional include site activity reports, search engine submissions and document uploads.

Vistaprint is looking to encourage customers by offering a 1 month free trial period. This is very useful as you can see how the site performs before deciding whether or not to purchase. This is a clever strategy as it ensures customers have nothing to lose. There are a number of top quality website templates and it adding or modifying content is as easy as it gets.

However, paying approximately $10 a month for the basic package and only receiving five web pages is not nearly good enough value for money, especially when free website builders offer far more. The Starter package has few features and is barely worth the $5 a month, especially with the existence of the numerous aforementioned free web builders. Also, Vistaprint do not allow websites created elsewhere to be hosted at their site. Finally, the limited disk space and bandwidth, especially on the Starter package, greatly restricts your website’s capabilities with the phone support for Starter and Standard packages less than stellar.

There is no doubt that Vistaprint is a well renowned company and they have made this a simple website builder to use. The free one month trial is a superb idea and allows prospective customers to see what they are getting for their money. Yet the features in the Starter and Standard package are not really good enough for the price with free options available elsewhere that may provide you with the same level of quality. The Professional package is impressive but at approximately $180 a year, there may be better alternatives elsewhere.

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  1. SUCKS! I wanted to use a 3rd party credit card processing company instead of PayPal. It’s less than 1/2 the cost of PayPal. I asked before I started building my site if I could use the particular vendor. I was told NO PROBLEM!! Spent about a week building my site inly to find out that I couldn’t use the vendor. I needed to transfer to domain name I set up and they want $19.99 to transfer it!! Not to mention their templates suck now that I have shopped around. I went with and they have templates that make your company look like a Fortune 500 company!! No comparison. Best part, the GoDaddy team all speak fluent English!! The pricing is about 1/4 of the price of Vistaprint also. They need to stick with business cards because they suck at the website building service!!

  2. VISTAPRINT SUCKS. Avoid their website builder – it has ongoing problems that their “technical dept” will not address – and I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO EDIT MY WEBSITE IN OVER 4 MONTHS! THIS is an ongoing issue they simply cannot and seemingly will not fix, EVER. AFTER 9 years with them, GOOD RIDDANCE! HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!!!

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