Review of Weebly – the Easiest Website Builder You’ll Find

Weebly has been allowing anyone to create a free website and blog since 2006. Their mission is to help people put their information online quickly and easily. They have enabled 3 million people to create personal sites and blogs for businesses, weddings, classrooms, churches, artistic portfolios, and more.


  • Create a free website & blog
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • No technical skills required
  • Dozens of professional designs
  • Free domain hosting

Review of Weebly

Weebly was created in 2006 with the goal of allowing as many people as possible be able to set up a professional looking website without having to incur the costs that typically come with website design. Today they help over 3 million users do just that. While there are two packages that the company offers you their most basic package will allow you to have a free website and a free blog.

Weebly offers some very powerful features for a service that is free including:

•    Free Hosting: Not only is it free to design your website with Weebly, it is also free to have it hosted. They do not limit you on bandwidth and are backed with an army of servers that ensures your website will be up and running no matter how much traffic you drive to it.
•    No Advertising: While many free website builders will give you free service, they also require that your website be littered with advertisements. This is not the case with Weebly and your website will remain ad free.
•    Publish Your Own Domain: If you already have a domain name then you can publish it when you use Weebly. If not, you can either buy one to use or you can use a domain that Weebly will assign you that will look like this,
•    Over 70 Designs: When you set out to create your website for free with Weebly, you can do so with their design templates. They currently have over 70 so no matter what your website will be about, you are bound to find something that you can use.
•    Interactive Tools: Use some of the most popular interactive tools there is including RSS feeds, pictures, videos, and the like.
•    Drag and Drop Editor: Editing text, pictures, and more is as easy as dragging and dropping with your mouse. If you can point and click, you can create your website with Weebly.

If there is a downside to Weebly it would have to be that they do not seem to have live customer support. All correspondence is done via e-mail, but considering that the service is free, that’s not all that bad a deal really.

If you do decide that you should upgrade to their pro account, you can do so at anytime. The cost is around five bucks a month and will allow you to have a website that is even more interactive and packed with more features. They also offer a 30-day, no questions asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your upgrade. To see the differences between the free and pro account, you can check out the video that Weebly has on their website about it.

Weebly allows you to have a really nice looking website for the most minimal of costs. However, if you want a huge business website, then you may wish to consider the pro account versus the free account. On the other hand, if your website is going to be relatively simple in nature, then a free account may serve you well.

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Another Weebly Review…

Weebly is a free web builder that has simplicity and convenience in mind. It offers a number of features that make web building both fun and simple. It utilizes several different tools and services that set it apart from other free web builders.

About Weebly
Weebly was created back in 2006 with a distinct goal to let anyone become a web designer. Regardless of skill level, anyone who has ever wanted to create a website can do so. In fact, over 12 million personal and business websites have been published through Weebly.

More than 70 Templates
If you are worried about your skill as a web designer, don’t worry anymore. Weebly offers over 70 design templates that you can choose from. Just pick one that you like, and get started on adding content that you want to have on the site. You can have as much or as little content as you please, but the choice is up to you. If you want, you can literally design a site in a matter of minutes.

Drag and Drop Design
Whether you want to add text, pictures, or a link, you can do this in one simple step. Just drag your desired content over and drop it onto the page. Really, it’s that easy. You don’t have to sit through a number of different pages just to load one image. This is one of Weebly’s greatest strengths, and what makes creating a web page both fun and simple.

Multimedia Freedom
Are you the type of person that enjoys posting a lot of media? With Weebly, you can have as many photos and videos as you please. You can have photos presented in a slide show format with elaborate transitions and automatic resizing.

No Ads
There are several instances where website builders let you create a page for free, but then bombard it with advertisements. Even though Weebly is a free web builder, you never have to worry about ads. Your website will be simple and clean, letting your visitors come for what they want and not be bombarded with advertisements. As stated before, your website is created just how you want and it will remain that way.

Free Hosting
When you use Weebly as your web builder, you also get free hosting services. There is no limit to how much bandwidth you can use, and it will remain free at all times. Numerous severs are always online to ensure that your site never goes down for any reason.

Create Your Own Domain
If you would like, you can actually purchase your own domain and host it through Weebly. There are also free options, but the possibility exists for web pages to have their very own domain. This can be extremely beneficial for people who already own a site and are looking to transfer over to Weebly, but want to keep the same address.

Custom-built for Bloggers
Are you looking to make a blog that is easy to use and simple to access? Weebly gives bloggers the tools they need to create fun and interesting posts on the fly. You can fully moderate comments, archive your posts, and have time zone formatting options. If you are serious about blogging, Weebly can make things a breeze for you.

Edit from Anywhere
There are certain times where you will want to post and edit your webpage, but don’t have access to a computer. With Weebly, you don’t have to worry about this keeping you from accessing your page. There are apps for several different smartphones that will let you access your page and edit it wherever you are. You can moderate comments, make new articles, and use the drag and drop tool on your phone. Nothing could be easier!

Is Weebly for You?
Weebly is designed with ease of use in mind. If you are not confident in your designing skills or want something to whip up a site in a short amount of time, Weebly will work great for you. Those that want a little more specific control over their site may discover that they don’t have the expansive freedom they would prefer, but the free hosting may be enough to get them to transfer over.

Try Weebly
If you are thinking about using Weebly, there is nothing better than getting some hands on experience. Since everything is free, you won’t end up losing anything. With the simplified user interface and easy drag and drop design method, nothing could be easier when building a site.

Try Weebly Now.

11 thoughts on “Review of Weebly – the Easiest Website Builder You’ll Find”

  1. Weebly is definitely easy to use. For blogging, i prefer it than WordPress.
    Before, Weebly basic users do not have the option but to choose from the design templates.
    one night, i was designing my site when an upgrade happened. i can instantly change the image on the header.
    Designing a site at Weebly is fun and easy. The drag and drop interface is really helpful. No need for CSS/HTML skills. Nevertheless, Weebly allows its users to use CSS and HTML codes.
    My only problem is that I can see the number of visitors but I cannot see where my visitors are coming from since i am only a basic user.

  2. Weebly is definitely easy to use. For blogging, i prefer it than WordPress.
    Before, Weebly basic users do not have the option but to choose from the design templates.
    one night, i was designing my site when an upgrade happened. i can instantly change the image on the header.
    Designing a site at Weebly is fun and easy. The drag and drop interface is really helpful. No need for CSS/HTML skills. Nevertheless, Weebly allows its users to use CSS and HTML codes.
    My only problem is that I can see the number of visitors but I cannot see where my visitors are coming from since i am only a basic user.

  3. Weebly is a great site! Their customer support is wonderful, timely and eager to help. This company is great for people who have no need/time to learn HTML or CSS and great for small to mid-size businesses who need an affordable site!

  4. Weebly is fantastic in that it is extremely intuitive to use. The drag-and-drop literally allows you to get up and going with a decent website in a matter of hours (if not within an hour). There are plenty of videos on YouTube to show you how to do all sorts of cool stuff on Weebly so essentially they’re free tips.

    Weebly also allows you to play with its HTML and CSS codes so that you can customize your website design to however you want. If you don’t know much about coding, there are service providers such as DivTag that serves up some really cool templates (

  5. I like the fact that Weebly is cheap and allows you to create multiple websites and manage them all in one nice console. That being said, the editing tools absolutely stink. Sometimes it is impossible to simply get your text centered, fonts changed, etc. It also is not as flexible as some of the other sites as far as what you can put on a page and how you can lay it out. The site builder will snap components in and not let you move them to where you want. So, it has good and bad as most things do. Choose wisely for what you need.

  6. It is free and you can create reasonable websites. The weebly drag and drop features are so easy to use. While there may be faults I have already seen many of them fixed up by the Weebly team. worth checking out.

  7. Pros: – very easy to build your own website
    – pleasant and userfriendly interface
    Cons: – few and very similar templates in simple designs
    – many elements cannot be edited or personalized

  8. I like it better than trying to learn WP overnight! It’s easy, but I’ve used Yahoo and Vista Print templates with more consistent behavior by the application. Sometimes baffles me… something published shifted back once or twice. Seems to feed the original default font first, then overwrite with the font I designed in, a second later… I should email and ask, but haven’t thought of it… not the angel on getting support I am used to. BTW the other Wysiwyg site builders mentioned above were paid for, the hosting came with the templates. Maybe I’d like it better if I paid. See if it feeds the 2 fonts and let me know.

  9. I am not very technical and yet I have created a fun website and blog that gets plenty of traffic. I was easily able to add professional features like social media buttons, a date / time stamp and navigation buttons on my Weebly pages. The blog page features and layouts are excellent. I had a free site, and then decided to pay for the domain, now I am so happy. See for yourself on

  10. I’m a pro website developer and I’ve even started using weebly to make websites for my clients. It’s just SOOO much easier than any other way. For almost any kind of site I can think of weebly is what i recommend people use and it’s what i use myself. they include all of the features that web developers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for (i know) and it’s really simple to use. maybe I shouldn’t let everyone know this but it’s true.

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