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  1. WIx is great but – the problem is that it is nearly impossible to drop any HTML code onto any of your website page. I tried WIX for the second time in September 2010, and theit HTML is still in the beta mode.
    Otherwise WIX is great, it got tons of material to work with, many pictites and fine clip art – I recommend it to anyone not using HTML.
    Flash websites on WIX just look great!

  2. I love wix, definitely the best free site host but …

    Free users:- have to embed forums (Nabble)
    Free users:- you can’t scroll down your page. You only get the screen in front with no scroll bar.

    You can add paragraph box that has a scrolling bar is you over exceed the frame.

    This was the only 2 turn offs I found.

  3. I tried most of the services provided here, and I can say with 100% confidence, that wix is BY FAR the best website builder I found. I am not so skilled with computers, and building websites always seemed to me like chinese, but wix just made it so easy that I started building sites for my friends!!!! can you believe it?
    My tip is to start with customizing a template (I found more than 5 that I liked, and there are many more), getting to know their editor, and than starting your own website from scratch…

  4. Built some lovely sites with Wix but it’s a shame about inserting HTML. Also Flash sites are almost impossible to optimize so what’s the point in having a beautifully designed site that nobody can find in a search engine?

  5. -Minimum expense of $8.25 per month to get rid of Wix ads.
    -Haven’t found a template I like for Photography and gallery.
    -What’s with the side-scrolling websites? Who does that?
    -Can’t insert HTML? Flash leaves a lot to be desired.

    The $8.25 to remove ads is by far the biggest drawback. Looking elsewhere.

  6. You can also remove the wix sidebar, footer and loader from your wix website for free by posting your wix website link in removeadsfree.com. I have tried and got my ad free wix in 48hrs altho they say it will be within 24 hrs but it is good.

  7. I just started my website two days ago and it is amazingly easy!
    The deal that I found (less than $10 a month, but I signed for a yearly so its less than $8.5!) is the cheapest one on market! I don’t know anything about programmning or building websites, and still my friends can’t believe I actually built it!

    I highly recommend you to use Wix

  8. I started my business just last year. After trying out so many career ideas. I finally realized that my true passion was in photography. Having a website is definitely key to being successful in this industry. A website is basically an online portfolio and advertisement for my company. Wix is not just the cheapest option, but also the prettiest (just look at my website!) and really easy to use.

  9. I <3 wix! I have to say that it was really hard for me to understand how to work with this tool at the beginning, but once I understood how to work with the different components, there's nothing easier to do & best of all, I can upload my flash work & still my site is SEO friendly 🙂
    Great work wix! thank you!

  10. I have a Wix site, but I am preparing to move my domain because as beautiful as the flash is, it is not accessible to iphone and ipad users because Apple does not support flash. More and more nowadays people are not sitting at a computer and I would rather have people be able to see a standard website then not be able to see a flash site at all.

  11. Thanks for the article…and the user comments. After reading all, I think I’ll keep my other website (at least a while) and try the free wix for a while…after all, two websites are better than one, right? ;D

  12. I took me a while to get the process down, but well worth the effort! I love everything about the site including the ability to add music and it be optional for the viewer to hear! I am very excited to market such a great website. The price is worth the design and now on to marketing it (check our the site)! Kudos to Wix!

  13. Wix is great if you love flash website. Personally I love flash websites but at the same time I try not to create every website in flash because of compatibility issues on mobile devices. I am also a little reluctant about flash due to load times on slower connections. I guess it all depends on the target audience for the website. Wix is a great piece of software no matter what.

  14. Have been using this for about a year and have run into a snag. I am an ecommerce member, the most expensive plan, yet I am only allowed to upload up to 2000 photos and when I go to delete to add more….I can only delete one picture at a time. I am a photographer and it’s not accomodating to me anymore, moving onto another one!

  15. I am considering this service.
    What does it mean that I cannot use HTML? Does that mean I cannot insert links to other things like articles, my Facebook, another website, etc?

  16. Yes you can add html to your Wix pages. The functionality is currently in beta, but Wix does offer an HTML widget.

  17. I don’t know what that means.
    Sounds like the person that said you can’t add HTML was wrong? So, does this mean one can add links to other sites, etc. Is that what HTML means?
    Also, is it true that many mobile devices do not allow the ability to see a Flash website? With an iphone/ipad culture that wouldn’t make much sense to not have people be able to see your flash site.

  18. I love it. It’s easy with a bit of background knowledge. It is so easy to make it exactly how you want it, unlike other websites. You can also make mobile sites which takes away the issue with flash not working on all phones.

  19. I really like Wix. I was using webs.com for a while, switched over, and like wix better, for sure.
    I did have a concern that since it’s a flash site, it would not be read by search enginges. However, Wix claims that they have built the platform to be very search engine friendly, and that it is not a concern with their websites.

    Whether that is true or not, I don’t know, but if it is, it means Wix is the best!

  20. Wix really is a cool website builder. It’s best to upgrade to get your own domain name, but the free version allows you to make a really neat looking site.

  21. My family is planning a reunion this summer and we thought a website would be a great way to communicate with all the extended family – but no one is really that computer savvy. A friend told me about Wix website builder. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to create a site that looks so nice! My family is so impressed. I didn’t need anything special or fancy, so can’t speak to that, but for a simple website it could not be easier!

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