Yahoo Stores Includes everything you need to open an online business:

Domain name
Unlimited Product catalog (Including bulk import/export)
Unlimited Storage space & bandwidth
Business email accounts10 ($120 value)
Mobile optimized store fronts
Credit card and PayPal payment processing
Out-of-the-box shipping integration
Best in class SEO tools
24/7 customr support

With so many companies offering their services to build websites, it can be tough finding the website design service that is right for you. If you need a website that gets the job done, than investing in Yahoo’s website builder seems like an ideal plan. For a small monthly fee, you can take your offline business online. Best of all, it is simple, easy and in no time at all you will reach customers from all over the globe.

Yahoo Sitebuilder Review

For the novice web builder, making a site can be a very intimidating task. Professionals are often hired to do the designing and maintenance instead, as people become disheartened by the prospect of building a site from scratch on their own. But Yahoo Sitebuilder is a really useful and free tool that can make building a web site easy.


Yahoo offers over 380 free templates, a lot of which look quite professional. One could easily use this builder to create a site for a portfolio of work. The best selling point for the Yahoo Sitebuilder is that there is no selling involved; the application is free so anyone can download it and try it out to see if they like the application. Another advantage is that it is e-commerce ready and you can easily use Yahoo Merchant Solutions or Paypal to sell your products online. Another major advantage is that Yahoo! Sitebuilder is quite easy to use; there is a Drag ‘n’ Drop feature that makes designing very simple.


The application itself is free, but Yahoo! hosting is not. Yahoo! Hosting is most affordable if you buy it for a year, in which case it costs $3.75 per month.

Yahoo! Hosting Features

Yahoo! Hosting offers 200 GB of monthly bandwidth, 100 subdomains, and FTP accounts. It has great reliability and hardly any downtime. Tech Support is very accommodating, offering 24/7 help and support. However, Yahoo! has received a lot of negative feedback from customers disgruntled with the quality of support. Hosting comes with unlimited disc space, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited email storage.


The Yahoo Sitebuilder was not designed for people who are advanced web designers. It is really good for beginners, but doesn’t deliver for those who want to incorporate flash or complex options. Another con is that you are required to have Yahoo! hosting. Large business owners would probably want a more sophisticated site, and Yahoo! hosting seems primarily designed for small businesses. A personal web site would be more affordable as it would require less space than what Yahoo! hosting provides. Another con with the hosting is that there are not multiple packages to choose from. There is no premium, there is no basic. The only variability is the amount of months you choose to sign up for. This is problematic.

Yahoo Sitebuilder Review

Yahoo! Sitebuilder seems like a very nice tool, but the mandated hosting does not seem ideal. That being said, Yahoo! hosting does a good job of marketing itself to small businesses. The website builder is very user-friendly and 380 templates is a lot of options to choose from. Overall, the Yahoo website builder has a lot of nice features, but before choosing it, consider the costs of Yahoo! Hosting with what they offer and compare them to other hosting sites before making the decision that is personally best for you, and your small business.

4 thoughts on “Yahoo”

  1. Yahoo website builder is available in two separate packages. One is for e-commerce websites and the other is for a regular run of the mill website, called site solutions. What I enjoyed about the site solutions website builder is that everything is very self-explanatory, so even people with novice computer skills are able to configure their own website.

    Another thing I enjoyed about the Yahoo website builder is the price. For only $10 a month, I am able to get my website up and running and even check on the progress of the website. They have a feature where I can actually view how much traffic my website receives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, which I thought was a cool feature to have. I haven’t seen this feature on other website builders.

    I liked that they included a free email address and domain name with the website package I purchased. Even though this is usually standard, it’s still nice to have.

    I liked how it had a special place to upload videos and pictures for my website. I think this feature would be helpful for people in the service industry. They can posts their own videos and tutorials or any other clips they have to show potential customers.

    I also liked how they had thousands of different templates you could use. I have tried other website builder templates and many of them only had a few templates from which to choose. I like how Yahoo gives you a lot more choices so you can try different ones and see which one suits your business best.

  2. Switching form Yahoo hosting as fast as I can after 4 years. Their customer service is nonexistent. No way to speak to a real person! You can find better deals.

  3. While the website is easy to build you’re going to have to deal with cheesy templates that sometime work and sometimes don’t. I have had to delete videos I have tried to add because I could not make the font or style uniform with the rest of the site even after communicating back and forth with support who were not able to fix the problem. Sometimes buttons work-sometimes they don’t. Just know what you’re getting into!!!

  4. Sitebuilder was a good site for creating a flexible and good looking site. However, everytime Java is updated, sitebuilder fails with the new update. It apparently only works on a Vista platform with Java 6. I had to buy a new computer with Windows 8 because my old one died. Sitebuilder will not work and I cannot update my site.

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