7 Things You’ll Love about Making a Website w/ Yola

Yola allows you to create a professional looking business website in a few minutes with easy-to-use tools. Yola is the website builder and hosting service that helps small businesses stand out on the web. Their site builder allows you to showcase your products and services online to reach the widest audience possible. With Yola, your website will look professional, have all the features your audience wants, and be free from annoying ads.

Yola also offers a Silver package for $99.95 per year.  This price includes custom domain name pointing (purchase a domain from Yola for as low as $11.95)  and unlimited access to all premium website templates (valued at over $800 plus the removal of the Yola brand name from all of your pages.  Other features, such as free advertising credits and traffic monitoring you can use on your website, make the package deal a much more economical choice.

Yola Silver also offers improved web hosting.  Just like Yola Free, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth (traffic to your site), but you’ll also benefit from having more space on the server to store your website’s files — 5GB instead of 1GB.  You’ll also be able to store large files — a maximum of 100MB per file, instead of just 15MB — which will allow you to store larger pictures and other files that require a lot of memory.  That $99.95 per year covers more than just one website, too — you can design and publish as many as 25 sites with your Yola Silver account.

Yola Silver Plan: $99.95 per year (or $9.95 per month) includes:
•    Custom Domain name pointing (Purchase a domain from Yola for as low as $10.95)
•    Create up to 25 sites, rather than 5 with Yola Free
•    5GB of storage per site instead of 1GB
•    100MB max file upload instead of 15MB
•    Removal of the Yola link at the bottom of the site
•    Google Advertising Credit (worth $75)
•    Facebook Advertising Credit (worth $25)
•    30 days of traffic monitoring
•    Easy access to Fotolia images through the site builder
•    Custom site CSS
•    Unlimited premium styles – worth over $800
•    Premium phone support for 90 days
•    NEW: Mobile site optimization
•    NEW: Yola Online Store (Extra $10 per month or $100 per year)

Yola Premier Bundle: $499.95 for the first year, $99.95 each year thereafter

Yola Premier includes the Yola Silver package + a consultation with a professional designer and a customized 5-page website.

Be sure to use a Yola promotional code when you checkout to save 20% off the Yola service.

Another Yola Review…

Yola is a website builder that focuses on ease of use and creative tools to get people the sites they’ve always wanted.

Ease of Use
Yola is an extremely easy website builder to use. Just start out by choosing the template that you want, and then start adding content right away. You can easily add text and images to your site, making it something unique and special. Even if you are not experienced, Yola streamlines everything to make sure that you are happy with the result and can change it to fit your needs. If you are comfortable browsing the internet and using a word processing program, you won’t have any trouble using Yola.

Track Stats
Want to know how many people are visiting your site and what they are looking at? You can do this easily with Yolo. See what people are looking for and how long they stay by examining the stats for your page. You can use this information to tailor your information to fit their needs and bring in new visitors. If you are thinking about running a business from the site, this can be an extremely powerful tool.

Yola has several different widgets that you can use on your website. These can range in function and convenience, but they are there for you to try out and see what works best for you. You can have a search bar for products, a top comments page, or even a widget that allows them to like you on social media sites. When you use widgets correctly, you can greatly expand your reach and get access to customers that would otherwise not hear of your site.

Blog Building
If you are trying to create a blog, Yola has the tools to make your posts fast and easy. You can add videos, photos, and maps quickly and easily to get your post out online in a quick manner. Regardless of the type of blog you are looking to create, Yola makes sure that people will be able to enjoy your posts and will continue to come back time and time again.

Publish From Anywhere
Did you come across something that you want to add or edit onto your page? When you use Yola, you don’t have to have a computer nearby to create posts. Use your smartphone to tweak your page and get fix things on the spot. This is also great for bloggers that want to create new posts or add images to their blog while they are traveling.

Own a Domain
If you would like, you can own a domain through Yola. Having a personal domain is beneficial because visitors will always know where to go if they are looking for your site. You can even transfer over a domain that you already use and pair it up with Yola’s services. You can have people register to prevent spam as well.

If you are a small business looking to create an online space for shoppers, Yola can help with that too. There are a number of different payment options that Yola supports so that your customers feel safe and secure when going through with a transaction. Regardless of if you are doing small transactions or want to run a business online, Yola lets you make money how you want.

Different Payment Tiers
When you use Yola, you are able to choose how much you want to pay. There is a free option for people who want to try out Yola, but much more is offered in each payment tier. The bronze tier offers 2GB of space with a maximum upload of 5mb per file. The silver tier gives users 5GB of space to work with and 100mb upload space per file. Lastly, the gold tier allows users to use 10GB of space and 150MB to upload each individual file.

Who is Yola For?
Given the easy setup and simple creation tools, Yola is designed for people who typically do not make websites or are not comfortable doing so. However, people who are more experienced in web design may find the service limiting and not give them the freedom they are used to.

Give Yola a Try
If you are trying to figure out if Yola is for you, they offer a free trail for users. You don’t have to pay for any services, and you can get a basic idea of what to expect. If you are happy with your experience, upgrade to a higher tier and get the most from your site!

Yola lets you easily create and host the professional website you always wanted. Start Building Now!

11 thoughts on “7 Things You’ll Love about Making a Website w/ Yola”

  1. Yola’s super easy to use. I setup a blog for my business and it couldn;’t be simpler. Great site for anyone looking to make a website and get online quickly.

  2. I loved using the website builder, it was user friendly and super easy to use. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to build a site and test the software, without having to fork out cash at all!!!

  3. i have creat a website with yola free and for FREE it is awsome, i know hope to upgrade to yola silver and hopefully earn a bit back threw adsense, but it is a truely great site, if you want to make a good looking, serious site, Yola is the place to acomplish that!

  4. Absolutely fantastic if you are looking for a completely flat home made looking web site which has all the features of one of those freebee blogs you see all over the net. Yola makes sure that anything that remotely looks good or professional is for those who upgrade. Even then the choices are limited. All the hype and adds from that guy from the Dragons Den should have given given me a red flag before I started dicking around trying to make the Basic look like something potential customers would respond to. This is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for”. You pay nothing and guess what? You get what you pay for. If you don’t care what you look like on the net, go for basic. If you do care, get a proper web designer. As for the promotions associated with this company, I will admit that I am pissed. They make it sound like they are here to help the poor lowly wannabe entrepreneur. They are there to take your money, pure and simple. I hate false advertising and being lied to. Also, be prepared to be inundated with emails from Yola once you joined. All neatly disguised as messages to help you succeed.

  5. Rick, Thanks for the review! We appreciate your honest opinion! Yes, it’s true that Yola’s paid products offer access to more premium features & designs, while Yola free is limited, but there’s also a lot of flexibility with free. Did you try customizing the free styles at all? You can edit the format any way you want by changing the layout, adding column dividers, and adding your own banner images to the header without having to hire a graphic designer.

    Yola is also known for their great customer support – they truly offer all kinds of great advice to make your website look good & succeed. They have video tutorials, send emails and update their blog frequently with tips and tricks that actually work. You can feel free to unsubscribe from the emails if you aren’t interested in their recommendations.

    Also keep in mind that they are a business so they can’t offer access to EVERYTHING for free! Yola Silver offers way more for less than $10 a month. See above for all the details.

  6. I had no idea creating an attractive website could be so easy! I’m getting married this summer and wanted to have a wedding website. I was dreading it, but since Yola was free I decided to give a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went and how intuitive the steps were. Very happy with Yola!

  7. Yola is great. I made lizzyclub.yolasite.com in less than 5 minutes. Some things I don’t like about it is that it went from just 20$ to 50$. I wish there was a way to get it without a hosting plan, but besides that it is awesome.

  8. I’m an author, the Chief Designer of two ePublishers and a book formatter. One of my publishers has created two sites (one an imprint) using one of Yola’s free templates. You have to put a little effort into making the site your own, but Yola makes it easy with what they offer, even for free. I designed website headers for three sites and I uploaded one to my own author’s website. I couldn’t be happier with the company and what they offer.

    The folks with Yola are professional and they offer website building that even a child can use. The free sites also offer a “gallery” where you can upload images for viewing.

    Most of us these days are either self-employeed or we own small businesses. If this is the case with you, I suggest creating a free website with Yola. You can always upgrade later, if you wish. If you’re wanting to simply create a free site to share pics of family and your cute puppy, Yola is still the way to go. Your options are nearly limitless… *g*

  9. Just looking to find a website builder. I already have a domain and have free hosting and need to create a website and then post a blog about my niche. Hope yola free is a good place to start and if it works well I might upgrade to silver later.

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