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User reviews of the best Facebook fan page builders. Create your own fan page with point and click ease.


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Wix is a website builder that offers a free service to its users. It claims to have created more than 14 million websites to date and also offers four distinct premium plans which offer additional extras that free users don’t have access to. Given its success, no one was surprised when Wix entered the Facebook fan page war. This Facebook fan page builder promises to be different than those provided by its rivals. The Wix Facebook fan page builder is actually a ‘Facebook friendly’ version of a Wix site that fits Facebook’s page width with templates tailor-made for this purpose. Instead of having a spiced up page, you’ll actually have an entire website inside Facebook for everyone to see. You simply can’t beat that kind of exposure.

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Damntheradio is a DIY Facebook fan page that focuses on musicians though it can be used by anyone who runs a business and is looking to branch out online. The site promises to enable you to give your fans the incentives and tools to convert their friends into fans of yours too. Damntheradio has a number of famous clients including Dave Matthews Band, Lil John, Linkin Park and Warner Bros. FanBridge completed a first acquisition of Damntheradio in January 2011 in a deal worth a reported $2 million. FanBridge are aiming to add to the 90 million fans they already have via email alone and see this Facebook fan page creation site as a means of doing so.

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Tabsite is a Facebook fan creation service which is a little different to most on the market. Unlike many other sites of this nature, Tabsite enables you to create a vertical sub-tab system which can be placed on the fan page of your Facebook account. This system allows you to customize with specific header and footer designs on each tab. Tabsite also have a range of features that can be found in its competitors including the ability to insert videos on YouTube, an RSS feed and a Twitter feed. Tabsite’s interface is not as easy to use as other sites and there is a certain learning curve involved.

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ShortStack is another site which offers users the ability to create DIY Facebook fan pages. This site has already garnered praise for the large amount of apps, modules and tab templates it offers. ShortStack can be used by any type of company. Whether you are a small business, a non-profit organization or a large corporation, ShortStack has what you need. Problems with the service include the fact that the interface is not that easy to use and there are also issues when it comes to deleting tabs.

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With hundreds of millions of users, Facebook has proven to be a social media phenomenon. It’s no surprise to learn that businesses are desperately trying to utilize it in order to increase custom and revenue. Pagemodo is a service that allows users to create their own Facebook fan page. It’s filled with a host of innovative features that really enables you to make the very most of your social media marketing campaign.

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Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to increase your company’s profile online. Unlike Facebook profiles which only allow a limited number of friends, Fan Pages can have unlimited followers and this spells a marketing opportunity like no other. Creating custom tabs is an essential element in maximizing the potential of a Fan Page but few people know how to add them effectively. Instead of getting frustrated and quitting, you can use a service like Fan Page Engine which is specifically designed to make the creation of Custom Fan Pages as easy as possible.

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