• by is a website creation and hosting service which is specifically tailored to the needs of ministries.  The website design platform was developed in conjunction with a number of templates that can be easily modified to build and maintain a website easily.  There are a variety of different packages to choose from based upon your needs.  The goal of this service was to provide the ability to create a professional website at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional website designer.  Here is a quick review of and the five packages that it offers.

Each of the web hosting plans contain a number of similar features and functions, while they are also all different in critical ways.  This ensures that each package is tailored to meet a specific purpose.  The Starter package is $24.95 per month and was designed for smaller churches that want to develop an online presence through a website which is primarily information based.  The next step up is the Basic package which has the ability to include audio and video on the website.  For example, you could add a video archive of previous sermons.  This package is $29.95 per month.

The next two packages are the Interactive and Interactive eStore plans.  They are $39.95 and $49.95 per month.  These packages include a variety of interactive community tools such as message boards, chat rooms, polling booths, and a pictorial church member directory.  The eStore plan also includes a number of tools which can be integrated into your website so that you can sell items online.  In total, it will allow you to add 500 products to your online store and utilize a unique store builder software to streamline setup process.  Along with the store manager, it also includes an integrated shopping cart and is compatible with multiple payment processors.

The final set of packages are the Multi-Ministry and Multi-Ministry eStore plans, which are $49.95 per month and $59.95 per month.  This website hosting plan allows you to add an unlimited number of sub-sites or sub domains This allows you to create multiple websites which all have their own unique look and feel.  They also include all of the tools which were available in the interactive package.  The eStore plan also allows to build your own online store.

There are three different ways that you can create a website on  The first method is simply designing your website yourself using the site builder that is included with your hosting.  This allows you to activate your website with no set up fee and will allow you to have your entire site set up within a few hours.  The second option is to choose a pre-designed church website.  With this option, will set up your website for you.  It will include custom homepage content and pre-formatted generic pages which you can edit yourself to include your own personalized information and messages.  This option carries a $49.95 setup fee.  The final option is to purchase a customized church website design.  This option has a set up fee of $499.  It will include a custom homepage, to additional pages, and nine generic pages while also giving you the ability to add additional pages later at no cost.

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