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  1. Halosites was not too bad at first when we started using the company. It took a little while to learn how to use it and no manual was available but we did learn it. Over time they have made “improvements” to their program but the improvements have made the site more unstable. We have been calling them asking them to fix our site because it is a mess since we upgraded to version 5.0 but any time they try to fix something it ends up worse than it was before. I spent 2 weeks getting some, just some of our links straightened out only to go & look today and find out if I click the link it now take you to the web editor! I am very disappointed in their service. We really liked the lady who was in charge before but now there doesn’t seem to be anyone around even if you call. (The owner did just have a baby but we thought there were other workers there that could help us.)

  2. In the beginning this was a great site for our ministry but in the last 3 weeks I have tried repeatedly (8 times) to get in touch with the support people to help me with a problem and I have YET to receive help. I have left message after message and still no help. Because of this we are switching our website subscription.

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