HaloSites was established in 1999 and has slowly been focusing on developing website packages for the church market.  Today, they are serving ministries across the globe.  These churches range from having more than 10,000 members to churches which are just getting started.  There are several of these types of website design and hosting platforms to choose from.  This review of HaloSites will give you a better idea of exactly what you can expect from their service.

4 HaloSites Packages to Choose From

Currently, HaloSites offers for different packages – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Media.  The silver package is $24.95 per month and includes an unlimited number of web pages, 500 MB of hosting space, five e-mail addresses, your own domain name, and a variety of tools.  These tools include the Halo site manager, contact forms, event calendars, a prayer request manager, online Bible tools, and a password-protected members area.  The gold package is $34.95 per month and offers 1 GB of space and 10 e-mail addresses.  Some additional tools include a file manager, online newsletter manager, Christian comics, and a guestbook.

The platinum package is $59.95 per month and provide you with 25 e-mail addresses.  There are also a large number of additional tools including event registration, unique page styles, poll managers, and online store, a mobile website, and the ability to add audio sermons, podcasting, and online sermons.  The media package is $99.95 per month and includes 3 GB of space and 50 e-mail addresses.  While the tools available are the same as the platinum package, this package provides you with a substantially larger amount of hosting space which could be necessary depending upon how much audio, video, and podcasts you add to your website.  It is important to note that these packages build upon each other, which means that all of the tools and the silver package are also available with the rest of the packages and the additional tools provided in the gold package are also available in the platinum and media packages.

What is the HaloSites Content Management System?

HaloSites provide you with a content management system (HALO) which was designed specifically for their platform.  At a glance, you will immediately notice that there is a lot of similarities between this platform and other tools that you use on a regular basis such as Microsoft Word.  The reason for this is that they wanted it to be very simple to use by setting it up to operate similar to programs that you should already be familiar with.

One of the unique tools that is provided within the content management system is known as Central Calendars.  This is a communication tool that is designed to streamline the day-to-day operations.  You can set it up so that only your office staff can access it or create an additional calendar which your members can use to stay updated with what is going on in your church.

HaloSites Customization Services

While the website design and hosting platform is developed to be extremely simple to use, there could be times when you need some additional customization which you do not feel comfortable doing yourself.  To ensure that your website looks exactly the way you logo/branding designs, banners, website graphics, and e-mail templates.

2 thoughts on “HaloSites”

  1. Halosites was not too bad at first when we started using the company. It took a little while to learn how to use it and no manual was available but we did learn it. Over time they have made “improvements” to their program but the improvements have made the site more unstable. We have been calling them asking them to fix our site because it is a mess since we upgraded to version 5.0 but any time they try to fix something it ends up worse than it was before. I spent 2 weeks getting some, just some of our links straightened out only to go & look today and find out if I click the link it now take you to the web editor! I am very disappointed in their service. We really liked the lady who was in charge before but now there doesn’t seem to be anyone around even if you call. (The owner did just have a baby but we thought there were other workers there that could help us.)

  2. In the beginning this was a great site for our ministry but in the last 3 weeks I have tried repeatedly (8 times) to get in touch with the support people to help me with a problem and I have YET to receive help. I have left message after message and still no help. Because of this we are switching our website subscription.

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