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Creating an online store with BigCommerce provides you with a much simpler approach than with many other options that are available in the marketplace.  On their website, they outline 7 fundamental steps that you will need to take in order to actually get your site up and running.  Here is a closer look at each of these steps and how BigCommerce makes completing them fairly simple.

1.    Choosing Your Products
Just like with any online store, your first step is deciding what you want to sell.  When creating an online store with BigCommerce, they allow you to either use your own products, or pull from a variety of drop shipping sources and warehouses such as Ordoro and Shipwire.  Keep in mind that you may need to upgrade your license depending on how many products you will include in your store.

2.    Decide on Shipping
BigCommerce is designed so that you can easily integrate shipping quotes from a variety of providers, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS.  Setting up the shipping methods only take a few clicks and everything will automatically be integrated for you.  If you want to offer multiple options, then you can allow customers to choose their own method of shipping during the checkout process.

3.    Actually Creating Your Store
Creating an online store with BigCommerce is easy to get started.  You can sign up for a free trial, and they will immediately provide you with the core components.  This step is not intended to consume a lot of time, but rather just to get the basics set up for you.  The rest will be taken care of later.

4.    Decide on Payments
There are a wide variety of online payments that are built in to the BigCommerce framework.  This means that you can simply add your account information and the software will take care of the rest.  Currently, BigCommerce supports more than 50 different payment gateways, including popular options like Google Checkout and PayPal.  You can also get your own merchant account so that you can accept credit cards directly, rather than through an online provider.

5.    Setting Up Your Store on Your Primary Domain
When you originally set up your store in step 3, you automatically receive a domain to host it.  It is actually a sub-domain on the BigCommerce website.  This means that your store would be found at  Once you decide to move it to your primary domain, you simply go to the tools section and click on the Move to Domain button.  This will redirect the original store to your primary domain.

6.    Customizing the Look of Your Online Store
Once you have moved your store to your primary domain, it is time to really get going.  BigCommerce provides you with more than 50 store designs to choose from, however you can also upload your own design.  Plus, if you use one of the provided designs, you still have the ability to upload your own logo and customize the layout of your store.  BigCommerce is huge in terms of customization options.  The most notable is the drag and drop interface that makes altering your design simple.

7.    Add Your Products
The final big step in creating an online store with BigCommerce is uploading your products.  With a regular CSV file, you can instantly upload all of your products, categories, photos, and product details.  If you don’t have this, then there is also a very easy to use product wizard that will make adding products easy.

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Use this BigCommerce coupon code to save 10% now.

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