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A Yola Silver subscription ($99.95/yr) includes Custom Domain Name pointing, unlimited premium styles, and other exclusive features to help your website stand out.

Yola has become a very popular website builder service with over 6 million users that offers both free and paid versions.  While it has continued to gain in popularity, many people are still wondering whether or not it is a product that is right for them.  Here is a closer look at what Yola has to offer as well as some potential benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Yola Review and Promotional Code

Yola Pricing Structure

Yola has four different pricing structures to choose from: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Premier.  The free version includes an integrated website builder, banner-free hosting, unlimited bandwidth, free design templates, 15MB maximum file size, 1GB of total storage, and the ability to create up to 5 sites per account.

The Yola Bronze package is the lowest cost hosting option. Get numerous advanced website features for just $4.95 per month.

The Silver package is $99.95 per year and includes everything that is in free version, however it operates much more like a regular self-hosted website.  It includes custom domain name pointing, access to Yola’s premium templates, the Yola brand is removed from the page, advertising credits, and much more.

The Premium package includes everything in the free and silver packages at a rate of $499.95 for the first year and $99.95 every following year.  It also includes additional professional design help including a one-on-one consultations and a professionally designed 5 page website that can be expanded as you need it.  Be sure to use the Yola promotional code EASYWEB20 above to save off these list prices.


1.    Web Builder. The Yola website builder is very easy to customize and use.  Additionally, it easily integrates any of the Yola templates that are made available.  You can set up a fully functioning website in 5 to 10 minutes.

2.    Free Hosting. Regardless of what account you have, Yola offers free hosting.  However, if you use the free account, there will be a small Yola brand/trademark on every page.

3.    Potential Monetization. Yola allows for a variety of different monetization options.  The most common include Adsense, Affiliate sales, and even accepting donations.  If you are selling products directly, you can even utilize Paypal as your shopping cart and payment processor. Yola Silver includes $100 worth of advertising credit to use with Google Adwords and Facebook.


1.    Limited Customization. Compared to a self hosted website, there is very little customization available.  Webmasters and designers who already have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, and PHP may not like the level of access that they get.  However, for the average webmaster, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. (*CSS is now editable with Yola)

Yola Promo Code and Review

As you can see, Yola seems to have a lot to offer, with very few drawbacks.  It has four different pricing structures – Free, Bronze, Silver, and Premium.  All of these packages build upon each other and include free hosting, templates, and a website builder.  Be sure to take advantage of the Yola promotional code listed above to save off the list price of their services. Three of the most common benefits attributed to using Yola include: an easy website builder, free hosting, and a variety of different monetization options.  The primary drawback is that compared to self-hosted websites, the customization of HTML, CSS, and PHP coding are considered to be minimal.  However, this doesn’t mean that the templates cannot be modified at all.  In fact, every template allows for a high level of customization so that every website fits you needs.

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