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3DCart is primarily known as a shopping cart that can be integrated with nearly every website, although it also offers a number of other e-commerce software solutions as well. In early July of 2011, version 4 was released, which included a large number of additional features that previously were not available. While most 3DCart reviews tend to focus solely on what the shopping cart has to offer, this review will also take a quick look at some of the additional services that are offered, as well as highlights some of the changes that were made during the latest release.

3DCart Overview

The 3DCart shopping cart software is not only a shopping cart, but a full e-commerce storefront solution. There are currently five different price plans ranging from $19.99 per month to $129.99 per month. One thing that is unique about this shopping cart software is that there are no additional transaction fees, which is common with many other shopping carts and payment processors. Overall, it is considered to have many more features than a majority of other shopping cart solutions. While getting your store completely set up can take a while, depending on the amount of items that you need to upload, the step-by-step wizards can help streamline this process. Plus, everything is run completely online which means that you can manage your store from any computer.

New 3DCart Version 4 Features

In total, the most recent version of 3DCart included more than 40 new features and enhancements. Some of the most noted additions included:

  • Group Deals – which allows you to sell large blocks of product at a discounted rate to a specific group participants.
  • Daily Deals – this feature allows you to utilize time limit techniques to boost sales and generate new traffic.
  • Make an Offer – depending on what you’re selling, this feature allows bargain hunters to name their own price.
  • 3DFeedback – this new feature will not only help you gain feedback about your visitors experience, but also capture contact details in the event they don’t make a purchase.
  • Built-In Auto responder
  • QuickView – the new Category QuickView feature allows shoppers to quickly preview and buy products directly from the category page.


Additional Services

  • Website Design – 3DCart offers you three different website design options. You can use any of the 50+ free templates, purchase premium templates, or have them create a unique one-of-a-kind design.
  • E-commerce Marketing Services – there are four primary marketing services that include an SEO starter package, social media optimization package, guaranteed traffic plans, and expert usability & conversion optimization packages.
  • mCommerce – this service allows you to provide a mobile optimized shopping experience.
  • Merchant Account – they also offer to fully integrated payment solutions.
  • Additional Design Packages – you can also order additional design packages for a Facebook store, twitter package, blog package and several others.


Overcoming Previous Drawbacks

If there were any negative criticisms which were common about 3DCart it was a lack of supported payment gateways and international shipping options. With the release of Version 4 there are now 15 international payment gateways which can be easily integrated. They have also expanded the number of international shipping options as well.

3DCart Review

3DCart has always been considered to be one of the top shopping cart softwares and e-commerce solutions available. With the release of Version 4 in July, they seem to have overcome a few of the most commonly cited criticisms and have continued to add new features on a regular basis. They have also created an app store which provides you with an option to improve overall functionality even more.

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