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CoreCommerce is an e-commerce software product that is put out by Sum Effect Software. They feature an all in one platform and offer everything that a small business to large business owner could want to help make an online store be very productive. CoreCommerce offers to help business owners with more than just e-commerce and covers web hosting, website building tools, and of course a shopping cart.

CoreCommerce Packages and Prices

CoreCommerce has five flexible packages that allow you to spend what you want and only pay for what you need. Their packages include:

•    Beginner: Up to 100 products, 1 GB of bandwidth, and 100 MB of storage space for $19.99 per month.
•    Starter: Up to 250 products, 2 GB of bandwidth, and 250 MB of storage space for $24.99 per month.
•    Basic: Up to 500 products, 3 GB of bandwidth, and 325 MB of storage space for $39.99 per month.
•    Standard: Up to 1500 products, 5 GB of bandwidth, and 500 MB of storage space for $79.99 per month.
•    Pro: Up to 5000 products, 20 GB of bandwidth, and 1 GB of storage space for $129.99 per month.

Each package comes with the welcomed ‘no setup fee’ feature and they are all fully Facebook integrated as well.

CoreCommerce Features

CoreCommerce has a long list of features that makes their services both easy to use and easy to integrate. Some of these services include:

•    Integrates with eBay
•    Integrates with QuickBooks
•    Single Page Order Processing
•    Custom Tax
•    Free Software Upgrades
•    Unlimited Staff Logins
•    Facebook Integration
•    Amazon Payments Integration
•    Google Checkout Integration
•    Real-Time Shipping
•    Phone Support
•    Chat Support
•    Marketing Tools
•    Much More

All of this comes with no contracts to sign. So, even if you don’t like the services provided by CoreCommerce, you can cancel at anytime with no penalty.

Using CoreCommerce

CoreCommerce was designed to be extremely easy to use. All of the page you create with the e-commerce software are fully customizable and can be designed to fit your style and what your website’s style will be. You simply choose from one of their professional looking templates and then go from there. In no time at all your entire website takes on a whole new look and your online store is set up and ready to go.

Using CoreCommerce is as easy to do with your existing website as it is starting from scratch. If you only need a shopping cart application, then CoreCommerce is easily integrated into your website. With CoreCommerce, you can choose to add one shopping cart button or several shopping cart buttons to your website; it’s all up to you. In no time at all, you will be selling items online.

You also don’t ever have to worry about running low on anything in your inventory. CoreCommerce has the unique feature that alerts you when you are running low on a particular item which allows you ample time to either take the item out of rotation or obtain more for your inventory. This allows you to sell without having to worry about racking up any backorders.

CoreCommerce makes it easy to add and drop features as you go along in order to suit your online business’ needs. You can add as many photos as you desire and even use some of the best photo editing software in the business as CoreCommerce boasts integration.

Should you run into any problems at any point in time you can get in touch with a CoreCommerce customer support staff member by phone, chat, or by e-mail ticket. However you choose to correspond, they have you covered.

CoreCommerce and Social Media

While everyone now seems to be using social media for business as well as for fun, it was CoreCommerce that was on the cutting edge of this fad when it first started. Their Facebook application will quickly add about 1,000 users directly to your fan page giving you instant credibility on the most popular social media site in existence.

CoreCommerce and Comparison Shopping Sites

Again, CoreCommerce was one of the first to integrate with the various comparison shopping websites. Some of the websites that CoreCommerce works with include Shopzilla,, Pricegrabber, and Nextag. By getting involved with these price comparative websites, you can give yourself an instant advantage, especially if you offer a super low prices for some or all of your products.

CoreCommerce and Payment Processing

Completing the payment process is also made easy with CoreCommerce. They work seamlessly with many of the most popular checkouts including Google Payments, PayPal, and Pay Flow. You can also choose to accept e-checks or have your customers pay COD if you wish. Even tax is figured out for you thanks to their easy to implement tax wizard. Once everything is complete, you can print out a packing slip and view any past packing slips online.

CoreCommerce and Security

Protection of your customer’s sensitive information is vital to the success of your online business. CoreCommerce recognizes this fact and battles fraud and theft by using 128/256 bit SSL on all the pages you create with them. This ensures that no snoopers will be able to get their hands on any valuable information. Additionally, CoreCommerce is PCI certified giving you further peace of mind.

To bolster safety even more, CoreCommerce also has a way that you can block anyone from using your services. Basically, CoreCommerce will identify a user by their IP address and if you designate, they will disallow that specific IP Address from having anything to do with you.

CoreCommerce – Try it Before You Buy it

CoreCommerce allows anyone to try their services on a limited basis for a full 15 days absolutely free. In fact, you don’t even have to give them a credit card number. You simply provide them with some very basic information and you are free to explore all that they have to offer. This allows you a chance to see for yourself if their services are what you are looking for. If you enjoy their services then you simply choose the plan that fits you best. If not, you can walk away and owe nothing.

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