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Pinnacle Cart is shopping cart software designed by various internet businesspeople with decades of experience. The software was developed in order to give businesses the opportunity to increase their online presence without having to spend vast amounts of time and money learning the nuances of web development. It could well be the most complex shopping cart software on the market with a myriad of features in the field of customer management, inventory tracking and many others.

What Is Pinnacle Cart All About?
The makers of Pinnacle Cart hope that their software enables you to create a cart design that is perfect for your business. They understand that shopping carts are not necessarily one size fits all. The site also wants its customers to have the best chance of being seen by the search engines. There are 30 different button styles which should give you more than enough choices when it comes to creating a suitable site layout.

There are five different pricing plans when you create a shopping cart with Pinnacle Cart. All of these plans enable you to have an unlimited amount of products on the site. The payment plans are:

  • Limited: $29.95 a month, 100MB disk space, 1GB traffic, 2 email accounts, $49 set up fee
  • Starter: $54.95 a month, 400MB disk space, 6GB traffic, 10 email accounts, $49 set up fee
  • Standard: $74.95 a month, 600MB disk space, 10GB traffic, 30 email accounts, $49 set up fee
  • Pro: $95.95 a month, 1.2GB disk space, 17GB traffic, 50 email accounts, no set up fee
  • Premium: $149.95 a month, 2.5GB disk space, 40GB traffic, 100 email accounts, no set up fee

You also receive a 14 day money back guarantee no matter which package you choose.

There are more than 450 features in total, more than you could ever need… probably. You can create your own URL structure and also have the ability to create an unlimited amount of administrator accounts. There is extra security on the site which prevents hackers from stealing your passwords with automated scripts. Administrators who try and log in too often will be frozen out.

The software on Pinnacle Cart enables you to promote and sell your wares on social networking sites. With more than 500 million people on Facebook alone, it’s not hard to imagine how this benefits you. Another excellent feature is the incentives tool. If customers have your items in their cart but leave the site before purchase, Pinnacle Cart has a number of ways to entice them back including the ‘products you may like’ and ‘customers who bought this also bought’ devices often seen on successful sites.

Aside from the initial confusion you may have over their large array of pricing plans, there is little to trouble you on Pinnacle Cart.

Overall Pinnacle Cart Review
Pinnacle Cart is possibly the most powerful shopping cart software on the market right now yet it’s not difficult to use. This balance between ease of use and features available is a rarity in the world of technology and a welcome sight. With Pinnacle Cart, you should be able to set up your store in rapid time and increase your revenues within a few months.

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