What Online Entrepreneurs Love about Shopify

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The purpose of Shopify is to allow you to create your very own digital store. It has really taken off since it was founded in 2006 by Scott Lake and Tobias Lutke. It came after the duo couldn’t find a satisfactory shopping cart after looking through existing online software. There are more than 40 employees in the company with over 15,000 online retailers currently plying their trade on Shopify. Even the rich and famous use Shopify for their purposes as rock band Foo Fighters and renowned charitable organization Amnesty International have stores on this platform.

What Is Shopify All About?
It is becoming increasingly apparent that organizations who don’t do business online are being left further and further behind. Shopify is designed to make it easy for you to build an online store without requiring programming or website building expertise. The site is very easy to use as you create your storefront by adding products and placing them into categories. There are specific places to put photos and descriptions which are easy to locate.

There are four different packages available and you are also allowed sign up for a free 30 day trial. After this, you can choose between Basic ($29 a month), Professional ($59 a month), Business ($99 a month) and Unlimited ($179 a month). The amount of storage varies from 100MB for the basic package all the way up to unlimited storage. There is no set up or bandwidth fee regardless of which package you choose and all but the Basic package offer discount codes.

One of the big plus points of Shopify is the ease with which you can add Google Analytics to your store. Google Analytics is an essential means of discovering who visits your store, what pages/products they look at and ultimately, what the customer buys. If utilized correctly, Analytics enables you to tailor your advertising campaign to your clientele thus saving a small fortune on marketing fees.

The iPhone apps store is another nice touch. You can add a number of capabilities to your storefront with the majority of them available for free. The fact that these apps are all arranged so that you immediately find ones which are suited to Shopify is a fantastic bonus. With the free Shopify eCommerce software app, you will have complete and free access to your shop all day long. It’s impossible to understate the importance of having different payment gateways and Shopify have more than enough. With 43 different methods of payment available, your customers will never be short of a way to pay.

In order to customize your storefront, you’ll need to learn a specific language called Liquid. Although it’s not hard to learn, it could pose a challenge to the technologically challenged. The various pricing methods are also a bit of a pain. The Basic package only allows for a 100 product capacity. While this is okay for smaller stores, medium and large sized businesses may need to purchase at least the Business package which offers up to 10,000 products.

Overall Shopify Review
These are only minor issues however. Shopify is a delight to use, is useful for shops of any size and is easy to set up. With the help of this site, your business can go from being a non-entity to a major online player in no time flat.

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