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SunShop is shopping cart software that is committed to getting your company up and running online in a hurry. SunShop is all about ease of use with its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) based editing tools. The whole point of SunShop is to make it easy for individuals without programming knowledge to get their organization seen online.

What Is SunShop All About?
SunShop is a product of Turnkey Web Tools and is designed to be search engine friendly. You can set up glitch-free in quick time with no monthly fees. Unlike some other pieces of shopping cart software, SunShop enables you to have an unlimited amount of products in as many categories as you wish. You are also allowed put in as many images as you need with a host of image sizes compatible with the software.

While other organizations have a range of pricing structures, SunShop is available for a one time cost of $199. All add-ons and modules are included and you also get 12 months free web hosting with every SunShop license you buy. New customers receive 60 days free customer support, toll-free phone support and a year’s worth of free updates.

The most obvious plus is the WYSIWYG editor which saves you untold time and stress. Even those who routinely struggle with technology will find it easy to create custom pages and emails. There are more than 60 payment modules which is always a welcome sight. After all, the more payment options your online store offers, the more likely it is that a customer will stay on your site. The payment options offered include: PayPal, Bank of America, CitiBank and Google Check Out. Another excellent bonus is the fact that SunShop works with seven different carriers. This helps guarantee your customers quick delivery with the likes of DHL and FedEx on your side.

Google Analytics can be used with SunShop in order to come up with a comprehensive list of traffic statistics, sales graphs and other vital information. There is an iPhone tool which enables you to look at orders and your company’s sales history for up to one week on your phone. You can even utilize ShopBuddy to place your products and shop on sites like Facebook. This gives you valuable exposure.

Although you get 12 months worth of free updates and 60 days worth of free support, you are forced to dip into your pockets to continue receiving the support once this period is up. This means that if your online shop experiences difficulties, you have to pay to get it resolved. This is actually pretty standard in the shopping cart software industry but it’s irritating nonetheless. Also, as there is only one package, you may receive fewer features than on other sites which have numerous payment plans.

Overall Sunshop Review
Despite this, having only one plan does give you a sense that you’re not being ripped off. When you’re faced with 4-5 options at different prices, you always suspect that you don’t get value for money with the lower packages. The fact of the matter is: You have a 14 day money back guarantee, if you’re not happy, don’t buy the software. If you are, you have it for life rather than having to pay every month. SunShop is user-friendly, convenient and a good fit for medium and small-sized businesses.

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