Volusion is a versatile and powerful shopping cart solution that allows any online business to thrive. Any website that is selling to those who visit will have to have some type of shopping cart solution in order to process payments and this is where companies like Volusion come in making e-commerce a breeze.

Volusion is an all in one application which means your online store can be run with ease. Everything is fully integrated including your online store, your shopping cart, your affiliate software, and a whole lot more. Best of all, this easy to implement and use platform is all done with a monthly fee that fits within your budget and is free of pesky transaction fees that can eat into your profits.

Though Volusion has been around since 1999 and are certainly one of the best in the business of shopping carts and e-commerce, they have not rested on their laurels. In fact, their latest version is their most user-friendly yet and the designers really took the time to make their page layouts and navigation the best they’ve ever been. This includes an all new AJAX functionality with a one page format for checkout which should vastly improve on a business’ conversion rates.

Volusion Features

Volusion offers several packages each with their own limits on what can be sold per month. No matter what package you choose to go with though, you will receive many features including:

•    Templates that are professional looking and ready to go.
•    A PCI/CISP shopping card that is certified.
•    Free software upgrades.
•    Integration to QuickBooks.
•    Training videos that help in a step-by-step manner.
•    Volusion Community access.
•    One page checkout.
•    No setup fees.
•    Shipping functionality that is inclusive.
•    Security alerts that are proactive.
•    Google Checkout and PayPal integration.
•    Free software for live chat.
•    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO
•    18 features for store promotion.
•    Easy to use admin control center.
•    Support on a 24/7 basis.

One of the new features with their latest version is the ability to have your website display your items in a side by side fashion. This allows your viewers to make comparisons between different styles of something you have, for example, and make the decision that suits them best.

Additionally, the latest version of Volusion’s e-commerce software also allows you to send free shipping promotions to whoever you want. This enables you to entice new and existing customers to buy as they will know they get a break when it comes time to pay for shipping.

Setting Up Volusion

Most e-commerce solutions are designed to be made easy on their users and Volusion is no different. To get started with your store setup using Volusion, you only have to enter some required information into their interactive wizard and once complete you are taken to your dashboard. Form here you are free to explore and experiment or watch some of the training videos.

Once you are happy with what you have you will be able to get your store live in one to two business days and in the meantime you can figure out what you will start promoting. Another nice feature with Volusion is that there is no set up fee, though this is typical in the e-commerce world these days.

Using Volusion

The Volusion interface is pretty straight forward and typically easy to use. They feature many menus that allow you to do the things you want with their help and should you ever get stuck, you can simply call them and ask for their assistance. Additionally, you can take advantage of their training videos and even their training manuals all offered for free to help you make the most of the Volusion product.

Security with Volusion

Security is always a concern with any business, but even more so when you are selling to customers and working with such sensitive materials as credit card numbers. Volusion offers PCI/CISP protection which will ensure your customer’s credit card information is protected at all times.

Additionally, there are many other security features that are put in place by Volusion to make certain that your website’s store is secure as can be. This includes all pages coming with SSL encryption keeping would be eavesdroppers at bay and your customers safe and secure once more.

You even have protection should a customer become irate with you and you need to keep them away. This is because Volusion features a way for you to block any IP address that you view as harmful keeping the unwanted out and allowing you to get back to the task at hand.

Volusion Pricing

Volusion offers the following five packages:

•    Steel: Up to 100 products and 2 GB of data transfer for $25.00 per month.
•    Bronze: Up to 500 products and 3 GB of data transfer for $39.00 per month.
•    Silver: Up to 1000 products and 5 GB of data transfer for $59.00 per month.
•    Gold: Up to 5000 products and 15 GB of data transfer for $99.00 per month.
•    Platinum: Unlimited products and 20 GB of data transfer for $149.00 per month.

Volusion allows you to change plans at any time without penalty and also has custom plans available for those who need them. Best of all, every plan with Volusion is on a month to month basis with no contract to sign ever.

Volusion also allows anyone to try their services on a limited scale for free. All you have to do is go to their website and click where it says ‘Try it Free’ and you will be able to take advantage of a free 14 day trial. You don’t even have to provide a credit card number to Volusion, just your name, e-mail address and some other basic information.

Volusion Solution

Volusion offers a lot of features and has packages starting at just $25.00. With 24/7 support and a free trial, there is no reason not to at least look into Volusion if you need a shopping cart solution for your website.

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  1. Volusion is a great cart with easy-to-use interfaces for users and easy to use themes for customers. SEO is ready on Volusion and so is e-mail marketing and making newsletters. Using multiple images on Volusion requires a lot of bandwidth and if owners go over the GB allotted, they incur overages. To save on costs, images can be hosted on a separate server. Services like bandwidthdiet.com and Amazon S3 are solutions to bandwidth issues.

  2. I have setup one store on the base of AbanteCart. I want to set up another online store on the base of Volusion.
    Can I import the data from AbanteCart into Volusion?
    I don’t have special programming knowledge and I have never transfer data from one store to the other.

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