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Have you ever dreamed of owning your own online store? Whether you simply want to dabble with selling your old sports memorabilia, family antiques or crafts or you want to open a full blown online store, with the launch of the new Yola online store, you will now be able to create and manage your own online store. For as low as $19.95 a month you will have the capability to create your own business website and add ecommerce features to it. If you already have a Yola account, you can easily upgrade your package to include the online store.

The Yola online store package allows you to build your own online store with an integrated shopping cart that can be dropped-in to any website, even Facebook or other social networking sites. This will allow you to reach a much larger audience.

Your new online store will be able to handle several different languages including English, French, German and Spanish, just to name a few, which will give you a larger customer base. Your store will also have the capacity to ship international and track customer order shipments. Have you ever wanted to own an international business? Well, you can with Yola online store. You can sell your products worldwide if you want to. Or you can just stay local it’s completely up to you. Your customers can choose from 15 payment methods to safely and securely pay for their orders.

Once your store is operational, you will be able to easily manage your inventory and your customer’s orders. Your customers will have the ability to create a billing profile so that repeat ordering will be quicker and easier.
Creating an online store on Yola is easy to do by following the step by step instructions given to you in dialog boxes. To begin you will need to create a Yola account if you don’t already have one. If you don’t already have a website or webpage you are planning to drop your store into, you can easily create one using the Yola website builder. Once your template is picked for your website, follow the step by step instructions to create your website.

Now that you have your website, you can create your online store by simply customizing the store template with all of your business information.

Once your store is customized, you can begin to add your products by clicking on the “add products” button. You will need an image, product description including weight and product variations. You need to make sure your weight is accurate this will also be a factor when it comes to calculating shipping prices. You have the capability to add color choices, and size choices.  The dialog box will walk you through this entire process. You will be asked to add the prices for each product and for each size of the products if there are different sizes available.

Once you are done adding your products to the store you will now move on to payment options. There are many options you can add for your customers to pay for their orders. There are offline options, such as money orders or personal checks. You can add online payments such as PayPal or credit card payments where customers pay immediately using PayPal or the credit card of their choice. Again, simply follow the step by step directions in the drop down box to add payment options.

For some payment options like PayPal you will need to establish a merchant account with them first. Once you have your merchant ID you will be able to easily add that method to your online store.
Now that your payment options are established and set up, it’s time to move on to the shipping method. Begin by clicking on the button “add shipping”.  Select the preferred shipping method you would like to use and enter the address you will be shipping the products from. At this point, you will need to configure shipping zones.

Once you have added your products, payment methods and shipping methods, click “create my store”, then you will be able to drop-in your new online store to your website or social media page and begin selling online immediately. Yes, it was that easy.
A couple words of advice to make your online store creation go quicker and smoother. First, be prepared. Have the images of products already prepared for uploading and your product descriptions and prices at hand. It will go even quicker if your images are already loaded on your computer. Make sure you have your product weights available as well. During the creation process, you really don’t want to have to stop and take pictures and weigh your products.

Make sure you have your merchant ID’s with the online payment companies you are going to use that require accounts. Again, you don’t want to stop the creating process to set up these accounts. Decide before you start which payment options as well as shipping options that you are going to use. Taking the time to prepare before you get started creating the store will save you time and the added frustration of stopping and starting.

Secondly, make sure you take the time to read all the directions and tutorials available to you before you begin. The step by step instructions work great, but if you are like me, you may need to visit the ‘knowledge base’ to read up on shipping zones and taxes.
There are many available resources for you to use when you have questions. Yola provides 24/7 email customer support and community forums if assistance is needed. If you follow the dialog boxes, you should have no problems.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee on all Yola accounts. However, there is no refund for domains purchased through Yola.
Overall Yola online store allows you to easily create your own website and online store and be up and running quickly. Everything you will need is available at your fingertips. Once your store is published you can easily update and manage your store. Owning your own online store is made easy with Yola.

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