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Damntheradio is a DIY Facebook fan page that focuses on musicians though it can be used by anyone who runs a business and is looking to branch out online. The site promises to enable you to give your fans the incentives and tools to convert their friends into fans of yours too. Damntheradio has a number of famous clients including Dave Matthews Band, Lil John, Linkin Park and Warner Bros. FanBridge completed a first acquisition of Damntheradio in January 2011 in a deal worth a reported $2 million. FanBridge are aiming to add to the 90 million fans they already have via email alone and see this Facebook fan page creation site as a means of doing so.

Unlike other sites of this type, Damntheradio tries to keep the price list simple and there are only three options.

– Free: This is an ideal way to see if Damntheradio has the features you need without investing any money. The Free plan allows one Fan Page per account, three active modules per page, comments are enabled and you also receive a super audio player.
– Basic: At $19 a month, the Basic package is the most popular. You receive three Fan Pages per account, six active modules per page, a $50 off coupon on any campaign that costs $400 or more and you can sync to a linked FanBridge email account.
– Pro: This is the most expensive package at $29 a month but it has far more features than the Basic option. You receive unlimited Fan Pages per account, up to 10 active modules per page, a $75 off coupon on campaigns costing $400 or more and full analytics.

The content management system is incredibly easy to use. This system is what builds your page and it allows you to add music, videos, branding and much more from one place. You also have the power to only allow certain content to be available to those who are not yet fans of the page. This enables you to control the songs and videos which can be seen by the general public and also stops disruptive parties from causing trouble on the page.

As it is a site primarily for musicians, it’s no surprise to see the super audio player option available. You can Sync with SoundCloud, feature certain songs and organize the whole music collection by album. This feature is a great way to showcase new releases as well as having music that is only accessible to fans. There is also a YouTube video player which makes it incredibly easy to add videos to your page. The comments module has been re-designed and it now looks extremely chic. Organizing and editing your page is child’s play and you also have the option to preview the page before allowing it to go live.

This is an excellent application which helps you to gain new fans and keep existing ones through the lure of new music. Although Damntheradio can be used by any business, it is certainly designed with musicians in mind. The fact that it boasts so many high-profile clients says positive things about its reputation.

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