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Facebook Fan Pages are a great way to increase your company’s profile online. Unlike Facebook profiles which only allow a limited number of friends, Fan Pages can have unlimited followers and this spells a marketing opportunity like no other. Creating custom tabs is an essential element in maximizing the potential of a Fan Page but few people know how to add them effectively. Instead of getting frustrated and quitting, you can use a service like Fan Page Engine which is specifically designed to make the creation of Custom Fan Pages as easy as possible.

The site tries not to complicate matters and has only three different offers:

– Basic: This will set you back $47 and will work on one Facebook Fan Page. It also offers six design modules, three page tabs, two page templates and a helpful video tutorial.
– Pro: This is the most commonly purchased package at $77 and allows up to seven Fan Pages to be used on Facebook. It also offers seven page tabs, seven page templates and nine design modules.
– Developer: This is the ultimate package and costs $147. It can be used on an unlimited number of Facebook Fan Pages. There are dozens of page templates, modules, HTML and an unlimited number of page tabs. There are also additional extras such as a commercial license and white label branding that are not available with the other packages.

Fan Page Engine enables you to customize existing Facebook pages as well as any newly created ones. The site offers a number of extremely professional looking templates that are certainly suitable for companies of any size. These templates are colorful, original and cover an array of industries. The ease with which you can create a Fan Page using the materials given to you by the site is one of the standout features of the service. A Drag n’ Drop page creator ensures that conjuring an awesome page takes little more than some imagination and a few clicks of the mouse.

The ‘Like Gate’ tab feature is an extremely clever way of increasing your page’s likes. It will not allow a visitor to view more content until they ‘Like’ your page. Research has shown that such a device improves the number of ‘Likes’ received by more than 100%. You can also create a beautiful gallery of crisp and clear images. This is an essential part of marketing as you want pictures of your products to be completely visible. Too many companies are guilty of uploading blurred pictures which don’t leave a great impression.

Overall, this seems to be a great way to spice up your fan page. One downside is that you have to pay $147 for the full developer package if you want to create pages for clients. However, if you’re serious about expanding your operation, this money is nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to what you’ll be earning if you market your business properly. Fan Page Engine really makes it easy to improve your Facebook Fan Page and it offers more than enough features to get you started.

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