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With hundreds of millions of users, Facebook has proven to be a social media phenomenon. It’s no surprise to learn that businesses are desperately trying to utilize it in order to increase custom and revenue. Pagemodo is a service that allows users to create their own Facebook fan page. It’s filled with a host of innovative features that really enables you to make the very most of your social media marketing campaign.

There are four distinct plans available for Pagemodo users:

– Free: This is not really suitable for small businesses but it’s an excellent way to get a glimpse of what is on offer. You get one fanpage, one tab and a support forum.
– Basic: This costs $6.25 a month and offers one fanpage, three tabs and removes the Pagemodo footer.
– Pro: You can get this plan for $13.25 a month and it offers seven tabs, three fanpages and a range of other options including Google Analytics and professional templates.
– Agency: This is the highest level plan available and can be purchased for $33.25 a month. It gives you 15 tabs, unlimited fanpages and an array of other special features.

Pagemodo offers users an incredibly easy to use interface which operates on a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) basis. Removing or editing a tab which has already been published is child’s play which is a life-saver for online businesses. You don’t even need a password to open an account. Instead, you log into your Facebook account through the site’s interface. It keeps your account secure while saving you time. You can also add links to text or images which can be uploaded to the templates.

There are a number of Facebook tab templates to choose from and you can even upload images you have designed in Photoshop. The majority of the templates have spaces available for you to upload images. Some of the templates even allow you to upload a video on your tab. Publishing tabs on your Facebook page is remarkably easy and there are clear instructions at every turn.

At present, you’re unable to upload an RSS feed, sign-in forms and a map amongst other things. Pagemodo has promised to rectify the situation when the service is updated but this is of little use to current subscribers. Although email queries are replied though within a day or two, there is no section on the site which answers FAQ’s and there is a distinct lack of blog posts or articles. Such a dearth of information on the site is not good for business and may turn off companies interested in using the service. In its defense, there is a community forum open to Pagemodo users.

This is a terrific service which allows you to create your own Facebook fan page without the need for skill in the Photoshop or programming department. However, there are other sites with a greater range of available templates and at present, these templates are rigid and don’t allow users to remove any part of the template if it doesn’t suit the needs of a business. This is frustrating and detracts from the service. However, the Pro Package is good value for money and the simple design should help small businesses expand on Facebook.

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