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ShortStack is another site which offers users the ability to create DIY Facebook fan pages. This site has already garnered praise for the large amount of apps, modules and tab templates it offers. ShortStack can be used by any type of company. Whether you are a small business, a non-profit organization or a large corporation, ShortStack has what you need. Problems with the service include the fact that the interface is not that easy to use and there are also issues when it comes to deleting tabs.

ShortStack is owned by a company called Pancake Laboratories Inc. which may explain the names of the packages on offer.

– Surprisingly Free: This is their free option which allows you a maximum of 2,000 likes per account. You are allowed to use an unlimited number of pages and other features include full widget access, full design control and fan only content.
– Silver Dollar: This option allows up to 25,000 likes but you’re only allowed one page which is odd when you consider all other options give you unlimited pages. Extra features include the removal of the ShortStack logo and photo upload and voting. This costs $15 a month.
– Short Stack: Also gives a 25,000 like maximum but has unlimited pages. This costs $30 a month and offers priority support and unlimited tabs per page.
– Full Stack: Gives you a 100,000 like maximum at $75 a month and also includes tab analytics.
– All You Can Eat: Offers everything a Full Stack does expect for the fact that you receive unlimited likes. This is available for $100 a month.

The widgets and apps on ShortStack are really well suited to Facebook. You can create polls or else get feedback on products and services offered by the company. The widgets also allow users to give virtual gifts to friends, start campaigns to invite friends to your page and create custom forms. ShortStack has partnerships with influential companies such as MailChimp and Flickr.

The templates on ShortStack are perfectly suited to Facebook and you can add widgets to them. It’s also possible to create images in Photoshop and add them without using the templates. With ShortStack, you have the ability to insert an RSS feed, Twitter feed, videos or photos. There are two publishing methods. As the name suggests, Quick Publish allows you to quickly post tabs on a page (up to 10 at a time). Custom Publish is more complicated but there are excellent instructions available from ShortStack.

The Full Stack and All You Can Eat packages seem to be on the expensive side. It is also irritating that you can pay $15 a month for the Silver Dollar package and only have one page whereas free accounts have unlimited pages. Deletion of tabs requires you to log into Facebook and use the administration options offered by the social networking site. And once a tab is published and goes live, you can’t change it. Instead, you have to make the changes and publish as a new tab while deleting the old one. This is a time consuming and frustrating process.

Creating Facebook fan pages in this manner is a relatively new practice but ShortStack performs the service admirably. It offers a powerful tab creation tool and is a terrific way to get started when creating a DIY Facebook fan page.

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