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Tabsite is a Facebook fan creation service which is a little different to most on the market. Unlike many other sites of this nature, Tabsite enables you to create a vertical sub-tab system which can be placed on the fan page of your Facebook account. This system allows you to customize with specific header and footer designs on each tab. Tabsite also have a range of features that can be found in its competitors including the ability to insert videos on YouTube, an RSS feed and a Twitter feed. Tabsite’s interface is not as easy to use as other sites and there is a certain learning curve involved.

In total, Tabsite has five different pricing options.

– Free: This gives you a taste of what Tabsite has to offer and includes two tabs per fan page, two sub-pages per main tab, 1MB of space, a mini-website and footer ads. You also get an unlimited amount of likes.
– Bronze: You can choose this package for $5 a month or $50 a year. This also gives you two tabs per fan page, five sub-pages per main tab, 25MB of space and removal of footer ads.
– Silver: This package costs $10 a month or else you can choose the $100 a year option. This provides four tabs per fan page, 10 sub-pages and 50MB of space. You are also provided with a wide array of widgets.
– Gold: This gives you 11 tabs, unlimited sub-pages, 250MB of space and all the widgets and platform tools available.
– Agency: Also, known as White Label, you need to contact Tabsite for more details but it does cost $249 a month.

Like all sites of this kind, you receive the WYSIWYG interface which ensures that no programming knowledge is required. You can add hyperlinks and images to your website as well as editing or deleting tabs at any time, even when they have already been published on your Facebook page. Unlike the majority of DIY Facebook fan page sites, Tabsite allows you to create and upload your own design for the tab icon. There is also the option to create reveal-page content which is a great way to get those who are not yet fans of your page to click on the ‘like’ button on the top of the page. Provide additional information about your business or offer discount coupons to encourage them to ‘like’.

You are given Facebook layouts with image placements and the ability to alter the column width and there are no templates with clipart. There is no option to add a map of where your store is located and you can’t add hotspots to your Facebook page. The interface is not easily understood and you’ll need to read the site’s articles and tutorials before you have the ability to create exactly what you need.

There are plans to add a ‘Drag N Build’ system which will make the interface easier to use and this will be of great assistance. Until then, Tabsite is a reasonably priced DIY Facebook fan page creation service with plenty of features but also a number of limitations which keeps it behind rival sites.

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