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Wix is a website builder that offers a free service to its users. It claims to have created more than 14 million websites to date and also offers four distinct premium plans which offer additional extras that free users don’t have access to. Given its success, no one was surprised when Wix entered the Facebook fan page war. This Facebook fan page builder promises to be different than those provided by its rivals. The Wix Facebook fan page builder is actually a ‘Facebook friendly’ version of a Wix site that fits Facebook’s page width with templates tailor-made for this purpose. Instead of having a spiced up page, you’ll actually have an entire website inside Facebook for everyone to see. You simply can’t beat that kind of exposure.

While other sites base their price on the amount of tabs, features and fanpages you can use, Wix’s website builder is free. All you need is a pre-existing Wix website and it is possible to create your own Flash website absolutely free. Of course, the standard of your website depends on how much you’re willing to pay. The Connect Domain Package is $4.99 a month for example and contains 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. The ecommerce option is the most expensive and feature-laden Wix option at $16.17 a month with 2.5GB storage and 5GB bandwidth.

The same easy drag and drop interface used in creating the website is at play in the Facebook fan page as well. You will be adding a fully functional website to Facebook with page groups, videos, music, links, blog posts, press releases, articles and a whole lot more. The entire process can be completed in three easy steps. First, you choose between the dozens of templates on offer by going to the ‘Facebook Pages’ section on Wix and choose any one of the templates that appear. Secondly, use the aforementioned drag and drop editor which allows you to customize the site any way you choose. Finally, you can publish what you’ve done by first clicking ‘publish’ on the site, then ‘publish to Facebook’ before clicking on ‘Add to my page’.

Your Facebook fan page will have all the tools that the Wix website builder offers so if you have one of the Premium accounts, you’re already ahead of your rivals. This includes a dedicated SEO page which tells you how to properly optimize your site and in this instance, your Facebook fan page. You can also preview changes to your fan page before publishing which is always convenient.

One minor problem with Wix is that SSL doesn’t work with the site and this may be unacceptable for those who are paranoid about security. However, if you direct visitors to your PayPal page when they are about to make purchases, you’ll find that the site is secure.

It’s hard to fault a free service that manages to place an entire website on a Facebook fan page. The interface is incredibly easy to use and you have the power of Wix website features at your disposal. This really is innovative and can really add something extra to a flagging fan page.

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