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The purpose of DudaMobile is to make existing sites more mobile friendly. The company was founded in 2009 and their goal is to optimize and convert websites for mobile phone users. An estimated 2 million websites have been built by the company and are hosted on the DudaMobile platform. DudaMobile has raised more than $8 million in funding as they bid to expand. The company promises to make your website mobile in a single click and what they offer is compatible with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and iPhone.

Plans & Prices
There are only three available options, one of which is free:

  • Basic (Free): This offers users 10 web pages, 500MB of bandwidth, a Duda URL, mobile site analytics and community support.
  • Premium ($9 a month): This is the best option for online businesses as they are allowed an unlimited amount of pages and bandwidth. You receive email support, maps & directions and more.
  • Hire a Pro ($499 first year, annual payment of $86.40 afterwards): The big difference between this and the premium option is the fact that DudaMobile build the website for you. This is perfect for businesses without the time to build their own site and provides you with the full force of DudaMobile’s experience.


As well as creating websites optimized for smartphones, DudaMobile also offer a huge array of features. For a start, the company ensures that your mobile site automatically syncs with your normal site. Every change you make in your regular site, regardless of whether it is text, images or videos, will automatically be added to your mobile website. These updates are displayed in real time and cause no delay for visitors to your mobile site.

It is possible for even the most technologically deficient individual to create their mobile site with DudaMobile. Enter your website URL to begin the process of converting your existing site. All images, text and other content from your regular website will immediately be imported to the website builder which means you don’t have to build the new site from scratch. All that is required from you is the ability to point, click, drag and drop and your new mobile website can be created to your specifications within minutes.

The advanced design studio allows creative individuals to build the ultimate website. With the advanced editing options available, you can alter your site’s pages, navigation menu and template settings. If you have the knowledge and experience, you can also edit the CSS and HTML of your site. This means that DudaMobile is suitable for designers of all skill levels. The Click to Call button included is great news as it enables potential customers to easily connect with your business. If a visitor likes what he sees, he can immediately call your company using his phone and ask for more information directly. DudaMobile estimate that an average of almost 20% of customers use the button which leads to increased sales.

With smartphone usage increasingly rapidly, the need for a mobile friendly website has never been more apparent. DudaMobile answers the call admirably and for just $9 a month, they deliver an extremely worthwhile service.

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