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Fiddlefly is a mobile website builder that was launched by Web2Mobile, a large multimedia development firm. They claim that users will have the ability to create customized websites in minutes with dozens of templates available which enables customers to build their dream website. The interface is intuitive, the templates are built-in and content can be copy and pasted with ease.

Fiddlefly offers you a free 30 day trial and has three distinct pricing options. Interestingly, Fiddlefly also offers monthly site hosting.

–    Workstation: This costs $39 a month and allows one authorized user. You can build an unlimited number of sites with this license (as is the case with all Fiddlefly options) and there is no limit to the number of pages you can build per site.
–    PowerStation: The second option will set you back $89 a month and allows for two authorized users. Additional authorized users can be added for $15 a month. You also receive RSS integration and 15 days worth of free hosting.
–    PowerStation Pro: The top package costs $299 a month and allows four authorized users. A 30 day free hosting window is provided and you can also add third party hosting for $55 per export.

Creating your website is remarkably easy as Fiddlefly helps you begin the process by allowing you to choose between their enormous template galleries. All you need to do is choose a color and design scheme that resembles your existing site. Alternatively, you can allow your creative juices to run wild. You can add pages at your leisure and have the site created in minutes. Adding text, hyperlinks, videos and images is easily achieved through the ‘drag and drop’ process. The Fiddlefly platform was designed to be compatible with every updated browser. Crucially, Fiddlefly sites are compatible with smartphones from almost every manufacturer on virtually every operating system.

Where Fiddlefly really stands out however is in its ability to promote local businesses. While most mobile website builders serve up the usual nationwide fare, Fiddlefly allows companies to advertise locally thus picking up a steady supply of customers. Along with this emphasis on local businesses, Fiddlefly’s compatibility with smartphones is extremely important when you consider the fact that approximately one million new smartphones are activated each week.

All Fiddlefly packages come with Google Analytics and are SEO compatible. Frankly, website builders that don’t offer this aren’t worth spending money on. Unlimited web hosting, social media integration and a QR code generator are all standard features. Unlike other website builders, Fiddlefly offers email, social media and live customer support for no extra charge with all their packages. Contrast this with other companies who only provide top quality customer support for those who purchase expensive packages.

Fiddlefly aims to add an element of fun into the process of creating mobile websites. It is reasonably priced for the most part and is value for money when one compares their services to those of rival businesses. Creating awesome sites is a relatively easy and straightforward process with Fiddlefly which makes purchasing it a worthwhile exercise.

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