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Mobdis is yet another mobile website builder which promises to allow you to build mobile sites faster and easier than ever before. Creating websites specifically for mobile phone users is a necessity in today’s fast moving society. Professionals have plenty of disposable income but not much time to spend it. They can use smartphones to browse sites online on the go and purchase products while commuting to and from work for example. According to Mobdis, all you need to do is build the site, choose from their powerful additional features and go live when the website is ready to be published.

There are three distinct packages available and Mobdis don’t ask users to be tied to a lengthy contract. You can also avail of a 14 day free trial period. Once this time is up, your site will remain frozen for up to 30 days, giving you ample time to decide if Mobdis is for you. Your work will be saved but no one will be able to visit the site unless you decide to pay for the service. One quick email is all that is needed to cancel the service though it should be noted that there will be no refund. The price list is as follows:

– One Page – This costs you $8 per page, per site, per month. This is probably only useful for companies intending to create a landing site. You get web hosting and are allowed an unlimited number of visitors.
– Unlimited Pages – This is the choice for most websites and costs $28 per month. Make your site as large as you like with this plan. There is also a special bulk discount which offers 25 sites with unlimited pages for just $200 a month or $8 a site. You receive full administrative control which means you will be in total charge of all the sites you create and can manage the accounts simultaneously if you wish.
– Export Plan – This is their only annual plan and costs $350 per year. You are allowed to have an unlimited number of sites and apps as well as using your current hosting service. You can export as Android/iOS or HTML.

You can access a Mobdis site from absolutely anywhere with Chrome and Safari browsers the best choice for computer users. You have the ability to arrange images by just clicking on the necessary changes because you don’t need programming knowledge. The layout is excellent with all tools placed in easy to reach areas which ensures that creating a site is simple.

There are a litany of business templates suited to various industries such as corporations and restaurants. There are also templates for contact us forms. You can use the available gallery options to add beautiful pictures, embed buttons from social media networks, look at Google Analytics to see how the site is performing and enable Google Maps.

Mobdis is undoubtedly one of the better mobile website builders on the market and is relatively cheap. The bulk package is especially good value for money. You can create a website in less than an hour without programming knowledge and the site also offers web hosting and can make your mobile website visible in dozens of countries around the world. If you need a mobile website, Mobdis could be precisely what you need at a price you can afford.

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