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If you lack technical knowledge but are desperate to create a mobile website for potential smartphone customers, Mobeezo could be exactly what you need. It offers you all the necessary website building tools with added extras such as site analytics, device detection and social media widgets. The company promise to enable users to easily create custom content for the site as well as adding images and mapping domains. The site itself has an array of fascinating smartphone related statistics. For example, around half of all subscribers to mobile devices in the United States own a 3G handset with 100 million smartphones shipped worldwide in the last quarter of 2010.

Mobeezo offers a 30 day free trial and you are encouraged to avail of the opportunity to see if it is the right mobile website builder for you. There are two main pricing options:

  • Mobile Only: At the time of writing, Mobeezo are in the midst of providing special offers on both packages. Instead of paying $14.95 a month, Mobeezo allow you to purchase their Mobile Only package for $6.99 a month. This includes 1GB of bandwidth and 10MB of web storage. You receive site analytics, device detection, domain purchase and 24/7 email support amongst other things.
  • Full Package: This cost $49.95 a month until recently but this price has been slashed to $19.99 a month. You receive 50MB of web storage, 5GB of bandwidth and a 5 page website.


Mobeezo offers most of the features one would expect from a mobile website builder. However, features like device detection are not readily available from other sources. With Mobeezo, you can create a single URL for your regular and mobile websites before using device detection to ensure the right site is accessed. Basically, if a mobile user tries to access your site, they will be directed to the mobile version of your site.

All Mobeezo sites are optimized for search engines, load remarkably fast and work on virtually all mobile devices. This is essential because mobile customers need to find your website amidst the array of competitors. While you still need the skills to get your site to rank high on search engines, Mobeezo ensures that this is possible.

Mobeezo provides you with every possible tool you could need in order to create a website. You can add images, videos, content and more through drag and drop. This means that no programming knowledge is required and newcomers can create their own sites without assistance. If you encounter problems, there are a number of excellent video tutorials that will steer you in the right direction. This website builder also allows you to customize widgets, add or edit icons, maps, RSS feeds and background colors. Most importantly perhaps is the fact that Mobeezo allows you to integrate with social media.

Mobeezo is considered to be one of the foremost mobile website builders on the market. Their pricing list is uncomplicated and affordable and the free 30 day trial is an excellent way of seeing if the website builder is for you. There are an amazing number of options and it should be possible to create a fabulous website without having to spend any extra money.

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