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There is no getting away from the fact that Smartphones may one day rule the world! Even if this is slight hyperbole, the amount of goods and services being purchased on Smartphones has increased at an extraordinary rate. SproutMobi is a company that promises to create a website for your business that is mobile-friendly thus increasing your visibility. According to SproutMobi, around 10% of website visitors are coming from mobile phones so it is important to stay in touch with technological advances. They promise an all-in-one solution to your mobile website problem by creating the site and offering hosting as well.

In the spirit of keeping things simple (SproutMobi claims that a mobile website can be created in 30 seconds), there are only three different options, one of which is free.

– Basic Plan: As the name suggests, SproutMobi will create a website for you and will not ask you to pay a penny but the features are limited. You can change site configuration with no restrictions. This also includes unlimited pages and Google Maps, a free QR code and RSS page integration.
– Plus Plan: This costs $9.99 a month and includes email support and an automatic mobile detection and redirection code.
– Premium: This is SproutMobi’s ultimate package and involves the company creating the entire site for you from scratch. You get unlimited access to one of their developers, email and phone support, two design revisions and much more. All this can be yours for $499.

There is an option to try free for 30 days and SproutMobi also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no hidden fees or charges.

One of the best things about this service is that the website can be built for a small local business or a major corporation. There are a wide variety of templates available which is necessary if you wish to make your site stand out above that of your competitors. The templates include very basic image and text content, blog posts, contact forms and all other pages necessary to create a vibrant website. Like most of SproutMobi’s competitors, all pages contain a WYSIWYG editor. If you have some programming knowledge, you can include HTML code directly.

The automatic detection and redirect code is one of the very best features on offer but you don’t get it with the basic plan. Essentially, this is a custom code that you place on your desktop site. If anyone visits your normal site from their mobile, they will immediately be redirected to your brand new mobile website! You will never lose a customer again because they couldn’t read your site properly on their mobile.

SproutMobi are a bright company offering a vibrant service. Their phone and email support is invaluable for those looking to take their company to the next level as there will be no delays if problems arise. While the detection and redirection code is not offered by all of their competitors, there is not a great deal to differentiate SproutMobi from the rest of the pack. However, it does seem to be a well run company and it could be worth a look.

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