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With the growing popularity of smartphones and iPads, there’s a new consideration for anyone with a website.  Some traditional websites do not look good on mobile devices. Do you know if your site is “mobile friendly”?   Apple’s products, the iPhone and iPad, don’t even support Flash which several websites have incorporated to their design.  To help combat this problem, Wix created a website builder specifically for mobile applications.

With the new Wix mobile site builder you can design and publish a mobile design for free at Wix.com.  In fact, you get free access to number of basic services.  Additional features do cost extra and can be selected from the following packages.
•    Mobile Ads Free: $4.95 a month or $49 a year. You get free Wix ads, click-to-call and click-to-text, 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth.
•    Mobile Domain: $5.95 a month or $59 a year. Connect to your own domain and Google Analytics, but storage is limited to 500MB and 500MB bandwidth.
•    Mobile Combo: $9.90 a month or $99 a year. This package offers a  free domain and a $75 voucher. Increased storage of 2.5GB storage and 1GB bandwidth.
•    Mobile Unlimited: $14.90 a month or $149 a year. Get a free domain and a $125 voucher.  Bandwidth is unlimited, but the storage limit is 2.5GB.

Similar to Wix’s traditional website builder, there are a number of templates you can select from to get started on your own mobile site.  The intuitive editing tools make it easy to customize a template with all your information.  As a time saving feature, you can view changes as you edit them, which saves time since you don’t have to continually preview and go back to the editing interface.  There are varieties of pages that can be incorporated including photo galleries.  Creating your site shouldn’t take much time at all given the simplicity of Wix’s website builder.  All of this work can be done for free, but it’s best to get the click-to-call and click-to-text features to really appeal to mobile users.

Even though Wix has created this new mobile website maker, since Wix is flash based there are still some problems.  The changes in development languages for the mobile builder do make sites look fine on the iPhone, but there are still some issues when viewing on iPads.

Wix Mobile Review
Wix is a well know player in the website builder industry.  For small businesses on a budget looking to target mobile users, the Wix mobile site builder is a great option.  They offer premium packages at an affordable price and can help turn ordinary websites into something more attractive.

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