Agent Bizzup

  • by is a real estate website builder that places great emphasis on the ease with which they can set up a successful real estate site. They specialize in web design, hosting and marketing. The site claims that its users experience a quicker return on investment than on rival sites and is the most cost effective way to gain a significant online presence. As well as having a dedicated contact manager, you will receive listing syndication and metric tools that is likely to turn a high percentage of leads into paying customers.

Agent Bizzup offers a 10 day no-risk trial which is a good way to drum up some custom though it still confusingly falls well short of the standard 30 day free trials/money back guarantees promised by rival companies. As well as the three options which offer a definite price, there are also additional search engine marketing and semi-custom design options. You need to contact the company for a quote on these.

– PowerAgent: This is the cheapest package and costs $15.99 per month. It has the standard features (mentioned below), allows up to 20 listings and 5 photos per listing, a business-class email account, domain hosting, 250 email newsletters and marketing campaigns per month and more.
– PowerAgentPro: This package is $29.99 a month and offers unlimited photos and listings, a maximum of 10 domains, three business class email accounts, unlimited disk space and data transfer plus 1,000 email newsletters per month.
– PowerBroker: Their most advanced offering is $59.99 a month with seven email accounts, 20 domains, 2,500 email newsletters and a profile and directory available for use by several agents.

Agent Bizzup claim that the tools they offer help transform your site into a potent marketing tool. They point out that search engine optimization and advanced IDX are available but these features cost extra and are not included in their standard features. There are a number of different graphics, colors and styles to choose from. One of the best things about an Agent Bizzup created site is that you can easily change a page which encourages you to keep the site fresh. The site can be set up and customized in less than an hour which is no mean feat. Best of all, you don’t need technical knowledge, programming skills or software.

The listing management features are also excellent. It’s possible to create a virtual tour for your visitors and Google maps is added on your listings page which helps customers quickly find a property. This is vital if you wish to sell properties to people unfamiliar with the neighborhood. A great additional feature is the Foreclosure Search which provides visitors with access to well over 1 million foreclosure listings on your site. This is a fantastic way of getting new leads and sales.

Agent Bizzup has got plenty going for it. The array of features on offer for those looking to build a website is quite formidable. The site also offers a total marketing solution and web hosting. If you use Agent Bizzup wisely, your business is likely to improve dramatically.

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