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  1. The Design People Inc. (Agent Image) is a complete rip off. Do not be fooled by the lavish sample sites they claim they can build for you. We’ve been working with this company for over 2 years being passed off from one rep to the next. Each one less and less capable of completing the most simple task. After finally being fed up with this drawn out process of them not completing our website we have finally began the process of taking these guys to court. Now that’s going to cost us THOUSANDS more! We already paid over $3000.00 for a website that is STILL NOT complete and they refuse to finish the project. Get this, THIS IS AFTER 2 YEARS OF NOT DELIVERING ON OUR WEBSITE.

    This has been the biggest waste of time and money. If any one has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I would hate for anyone else to go through what we’ve been through. This has not only cost us our valuable time and lots money but is a company website, so you can imagine how much business we’re losing by not having our site live! We’re going on almost 3 years of this mess. Our last resort is to file a lawsuit and report the to the BBB & consumer protection agency.

    If anyone is in doubt or thinks I may be exaggerating, I have email records of our conversations with their management team & I’m happy to share.

    Total rip off. Beware!

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