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The Design People Inc. is the owner of which was founded in 1999. They claim to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to website design for real estate agents, brokers and companies. Agent Image promise to provide tools that will help generate leads for their real estate clients while also making it easier for the public to buy or sell a home. They offer the basic tools one would expect from such a company including statistics tracking, email marketing and search engine placement.

One downside to Agent Image that is immediately apparent is their reluctance to place prices on their site. They invite visitors to call them for a quote. Often, this lack of transparency is a sign that the company charges far more than their rivals. What we do know is that packages start from $49.95 a month.

  • Agent Service Plan: This includes up to 10 email addresses, 15GB of monthly data transfer, disk space of up to 100MB and statistics which lets you know how much traffic your site is attracting and what visitors do once they arrive on the site. Agent Image claim to be the only web design company to give clients who purchase a premium site access to three experts who offer advice.
  • Office Service Plan: More or less the same as above but with 30 email addresses.
  • IDX Advanced Services: A more specialized package which promises to help you receive leads from property listings directly.


Agent Image is quite keen to stress that their IDX Integration feature will get results with leads coming from listings and email marketing. They work directly with your local real estate board which certainly gives them an advantage over their rivals. The sites are extremely easy to create and maintain which is necessary for busy real estate professionals. There are also more than 100 designs to choose from. This may seem like a lot but in reality, if Agent Image has thousands of clients, this means that dozens of websites have the same basic design.

One of the services that Agent Image promotes heavily is their internet marketing package. Clearly, even the best designed sites are pretty useless if they don’t bring in the traffic. Agent Image offer search engine optimization to improve your organic search results in local and national search engines. You can also pay extra for pay-per-click advertising which the company set up for you. They even offer optimized press releases which are proven to be an excellent way of helping a website rocket up the rankings. They add email marketing to the mix as well so there are few marketing avenues left unexplored by Agent Image.

It would be great if Agent Image could be more forthcoming about their price list and there need to be more design choices if they intend to cater to thousands of real estate companies, brokers and agents. The big plus for companies choosing Agent Image as their real estate website builder is the all-encompassing marketing drive you will be able to perform. Once you get the advertising side of real estate perfected, leads are sure to follow.

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  1. The Design People Inc. (Agent Image) is a complete rip off. Do not be fooled by the lavish sample sites they claim they can build for you. We’ve been working with this company for over 2 years being passed off from one rep to the next. Each one less and less capable of completing the most simple task. After finally being fed up with this drawn out process of them not completing our website we have finally began the process of taking these guys to court. Now that’s going to cost us THOUSANDS more! We already paid over $3000.00 for a website that is STILL NOT complete and they refuse to finish the project. Get this, THIS IS AFTER 2 YEARS OF NOT DELIVERING ON OUR WEBSITE.

    This has been the biggest waste of time and money. If any one has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I would hate for anyone else to go through what we’ve been through. This has not only cost us our valuable time and lots money but is a company website, so you can imagine how much business we’re losing by not having our site live! We’re going on almost 3 years of this mess. Our last resort is to file a lawsuit and report the to the BBB & consumer protection agency.

    If anyone is in doubt or thinks I may be exaggerating, I have email records of our conversations with their management team & I’m happy to share.

    Total rip off. Beware!

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